45 Signs You’re a Spec-Fic Geek (and What to do About It)

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Warning: Geekiness ahead, proceed at your own risk

Note: If more than half of these apply to you, you may have an incurable condition known as ATSF (otherwise known as Addiction to Speculative Fiction)

You know you’re a confirmed spec-fic geek if…

  1. You will name one of your children after a superhero
  2. You seriously consider applying for Hogwarts
  3. You know what LOTR stands for
  4. You dress up in costumes
  5. You rave to your friends about how cool Batman is
  6. Once upon a time, when you were young, you tried to find Narnia through the old wardrobe in your grandparents’ house (be honest)
  7. You know what TARDIS stands for (do you?)
  8. You discuss topics such as, “Who’s better, Arrow or the Flash?” (did you catch the Doctor pun?)
  9. Whenever you go to the beach, you leave this message in the sand: S.H.I.E.L.D was here
  10. You wish you had a talking computer like J.A.R.V.I.S
  11. You know that Katniss loves lamb stew with dried plums
  12. When you meet someone else who loves speculative fiction as much as you do, you feel as if you’ve made a lifelong friend
  13. Your one goal in life is to throw a party for the Avengers
  14. You dream about which fantasy world you’d most want to visit
  15. When someone mentions a doctor, you say, “Doctor Who?”
  16. You seriously want to dress up as a dwarf and go visit Martin Freeman in his hobbit hole
  17. You have an obsession with dragons
  18. You spend time figuring out what superpower you would most want to have
  19. You wonder what you would do with the One Ring if you found it
  20. You’ve read the Silmarillion (that’s some serious dedication)
  21. You know that bowties and fezzes are cool
  22. Every time a thunderstorm comes, you wonder what Thor’s up to now
  23. You love going to comic-cons
  24. You have a love-hate relationship with Loki
  25. You have friends who would read this list
  26. You think it would be awesome for Barry Allen to enter the Olympics
  27. You’re ready and willing to debate if Marvel or DC Comics is better
  28. You own the Star Trek version of Settlers of Catan, Lord of the Rings Risk, or both
  29. You decide to spend an entire weekend doing a Lord of the Rings and Hobbit marathon
  30. You would pay to watch an archery competition featuring Arrow, Katniss, and Queen Susan
  31. You use phrases such as “wibbly-wobbly,” “timey-wimey,” and “spacey-wacey”
  32. On Facebook, you go around liking every post you see that has something to do with Marvel
  33. You have superhero posters on your bedroom wall
  34. You have been known to wear pointy ears
  35. You create your own costumes
  36. Zombies and vampires don’t freak you out
  37. You think the coolest job in the world would be working on the Enterprise
  38. You want to buy a smoking pipe like Gandalf’s
  39. You want to build a hobbit hole in the side of the hill on your property
  40. You debate with your friends whether Klingons or Romulans are more irksome
  41. You don’t blink in confusion when someone starts talking about steampunk, cyberpunk, and all the other punks
  42. You spend time making fan art of elves and aliens and dragons, oh my!
  43. You talk like Yoda just to see the expression on people’s faces
  44. You purchase various paraphernalia ranging from a pen shaped like Sting to a Spiderman outfit
  45. People think your obsession is weird, but you don’t care

Now, the burning question. What should you do about this incurable disease?


Because spec-fic is totally awesome. It’s like saying, “I’m addicted to chocolate. How can I escape?” Who would want to?

So there you have it. An unofficial diagnosis for ATSF.

What would you add to the list? How many of these apply to you? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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