25 Signs You’re a Lord of the Rings Addict

Lord of the Rings Cover

Addiction is a good thing.

At least in this case.

We are talking Lord of the Rings, after all. One of the best fantasy books EVER!

Lord of the Rings has one of the most passionate fan bases in the world.

Here are a few indications you might be part of the raging fandom:


Note: Studies show that to qualify as a Lord of the Rings addict, you must exhibit at least 50% of the following.)

  1. You own both the regular and extended version DVDs
  2. Your copy of the book is as worn as the one in the picture above
  3. Thanks to hobbits, you no longer have an aversion to hairy feet
  4. You can name the three Elvish rings
  5. You’ve done a marathon of the three movies at least once
  6. You’re a member of at least one Lord of the Rings group on Facebook
  7. You have studied elvish, dwarvish, or both
  8. You’re a whiz at Lord of the Rings trivia
  9. You have a habit of imitating Gollum (yesss, preciousss)
  10. Not only have you watched the movies, but you’ve watched all the extras, too
  11. You can recite lines from the movies verbatim
  12. When you watch the movies, you can point out all the things they changed from the book
  13. You could spend hours on sites such as The Tolkienist and LOTR Project
  14. You could talk about the books and movies for hours without running out of things to say
  15. You randomly spout off quotes, such as “Po-tay-toes. Boil ’em, mash ’em, put ’em in a stew.”
  16. You’ve memorized at least one of the poems in the book
  17. You know that technically speaking, Lord of the Rings (the book) is NOT a trilogy
  18. You have costumes that you proudly wear
  19. You buy Lord of the Rings merchandise, everything from jewelry to weapons to posters—or, if you’re creative, you make your own
  20. You have been known to study the hobbit family trees
  21. The book always ends up in your favorite books list
  22. When asked which fantasy world you’d most want to visit, your first thought is, “Middle-earth, of course!”
  23. After considering your answer for a moment, you decide maybe not, since it’s such a dark and dangerous place
  24. You’ve had discussions on what it meant for characters to sail into the West
  25. Whenever you meet a fellow Lord of the Rings geek, you sense an immediate bond with them

You’ve read the list. The results are in.

Are you a Lord of the Rings addict? Why or why not? Please share your thoughts in the comments.


25 Signs You’re a Lord of the Rings Addict — 9 Comments

    • Yeah, I was looking through the list to see if I was an addict and I don’t think I qualify. :-O

      1, 15, and 17? Me too, and #1 for the same reason! And obviously #2, because that’s my family’s copy. 😉

  1. I did indeed have the above mentioned paperback but it actually fell apart. 🙁 I bought a leather-bound copy after that!

    • Yeah, some of the front and back pages are starting to come out of ours. A leather-bound copy sounds awesome!

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