Fantasy Friday Alert

Incoming message…


This just in from the desk of the All Things Fantasy corporation.

I’m pleased to announce the addition of Fantasy Friday. Starting this week, I’m adding another regular posting day to my schedule–which might be a sign of oncoming insanity, but let’s ignore that for now. What’s better, every Friday post will be dedicated to fantasy.

Cue the awesomeness.

Do a happy dance.

Sharpen your sword and polish your shield.

I’ve wanted to do this for awhile, and I hope I’m able to keep up with the demand, toiling and struggling up the daunting slopes of Mount Doo…I mean Mount Blog Post.

Until my brain dries up or I drop from exhaustion, Fantasy Friday will proceed come fair weather, foul weather, or the Dark Lord himself.

Hope to see you there.


End of message

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