Why Do We Love Doctor Who?

The Doctor.

Those two words have reached an almost legendary status. Anyone who’s anyone knows what that means. The Doctor is about as unique as fictional characters come—so unique in fact that he deserves his own entry in the dictionary.

In today’s world of superheroes, wizards, and buff characters, Doctor Who is an anomaly.

And that fits him perfectly. In fact, he probably revels in his eccentricity.

Doctor Who?

  • Who is this strange alien-who-looks-remarkably-human?
  • How did he make the cut to be a hero in that goofy red cone-hat-thing?
  • If he’s a doctor, where’s his stethoscope and white coat?

At every level, when compared to modern heroes, Doctor Who stands out like a field of strawberries in the middle of a desert. On the surface, he’s not made from the stuff of heroes and legend.

But dig deeper and you find an unfathomable well of wisdom, wit, and heroicness.

His lack of well-toned muscles and impressive physique don’t make him any less of a hero, and his ordinary appearance actually makes it easier to relate to him.

Who Do You Love?

There are many reasons we love the Doctor.

  • His fez and bowtie
  • His knack for worming his way out of the most impossible situations
  • His mind-blowing genius
  • His preferred method of travel
  • His courage and sincerity
  • His ability to transform, giving us an endless supply of Doctors
  • His multi-varied personalities
  • His protective nature
  • His unparalleled sense of adventure
  • His commitment to his friends
  • His screwdriver

Combining all these traits makes him a hero unlike anyone else and that’s his appeal.

The Doctor Is Different

An alien who flies around in a police box, changes bodies every few years, and solves the problems of the universe with the aid of a sonic screwdriver?

Yep, it doesn’t get any more eccentric than that. I love unique characters and the Doctor has as much uniqueness as the TARDIS has mileage.

He’s gentle and peaceable but also fiercely protective of his friends and determined to stop his enemies at any cost. Instead of opting for the superhero default of smashing things and getting into an epic battle, he deals with his foes using wits and intellect.

In a fictional landscape dominated by brawn, the Doctor is the brains. A breath of fresh air desperately needed in modern entertainment.

So here’s to the Doctor, Who rocks out his divergences with all the gusto and charm we’ve come to know and love.

Why do you love Doctor Who? What makes him such a fascinating hero? I would love to hear your thoughts.


Why Do We Love Doctor Who? — 2 Comments

  1. You’ve summed it up pretty well I think. He is quirky, compassionate and solves problems with his brain rather than with violence.

    I think his Britishness is a big part of the appeal. In a world dominated by American heroes it’s nice to have a pom save the world for a change. It’s like…the next best thing to an Australian hero.

    • Thanks Adam. Yes, I agree that his Britishness is different and refreshing. Now that you mention it, that’s actually one of my favorite aspects of his character.

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