Fantasy Books as Awesome Movies, Part 2 — Blood of Kings Trilogy

This week in our of fantasy books that would make awesome movies series, it’s time to switch gears and look at Christian fantasy. Namely, the Blood of Kings Trilogy by Jill Williamson.

Note: If you want to catch up on the action, check out last week’s post, where I geeked out over how awesome it would be to see the Mistborn books become movies.

Now on to the fun for today.

Blood of Kings Trilogy

With some less than impressive experiences with “Christian” fantasy under my reading belt, I was eager to read the Blood of Kings books because everyone I talked to said they were amazing.

You can read the book reviews I did:

Or, in summary: incredible, must-read series for any fantasy lover.

If you’ve read even the first book, you understand what I mean. As far as fantasy goes, this series rocks. Would it translate well into great movies?

Put aside the problems of having a probably second-rate production by Christian filmmakers or the impossibility of getting movies from the CBA produced in Hollywood, and imagine with me for a second.

No restrictions. Sky’s the limit. Expert actors, a composer of Zimmer caliber, veteran producer and director—basically everything needed to make this epic, all lined up and ready to go. Why would these movies be awesome?


Since it’s not your typical fantasy magic, bloodvoicing already stands apart from the crowd. It’s a highly realized system of telepathy. Seeing that handled visually would be a treat.

Most of all, I would want to see the Veil come to life, complete with its otherness and subtle dangers.

Bloodvoicing contains some neat tangible aspects as well—green balls of fire, gowzals, and phantom knights that make for some mind-bending battles.

Achan and Company

The characters in Blood of Kings are golden pinnacles on the palace. By a mile. Achan is one of my favorite protagonists for his humor, sincerity, flaws, and a dozen other loveable and relatable things.

Then there’s Vrell. Strong. Stubborn. Mysterious. With a big heart belied by her small size and enough complications in life to star in a Harrison Ford-esque thriller.

I can’t describe how much fun it would be to see Achan, Vrell, and the other characters come alive on screen. They already feel like real people, and I can picture their interactions as if they really happened.

  • Achan’s priceless humor and stubborn determination
  • Vrell’s constant worry as she travels in disguise
  • Prince Esek’s snobbery
  • Jaira Hamartano’s smoldering enticement
  • Sir Gavin’s stern guidance

To see that acted out would make for a feast of emotions and situations as rich and delicious as the world’s best stew.

The World of Er’Rets

A standard fantasy world in most regards, Er’Rets has one cool feature. That’s right, the land of Darkness, where night perpetually reigns, white-skinned warriors roam, and devilish creatures lurk in the shadows.

And it’s slowly consuming the land.

Combined with castles, knights, duels, and everything you’d expect from a medieval type fantasy, that makes for a setting producers could have fun with. And there’s enough originality to keep moviegoers from yawning because they’ve seen this so many times they’re ready for something else.

Unlike some fantasy series’, Blood of Kings keeps the pace moving at a steady clip, making for the equivalent of a turbulent ride through a canyon of rapids. As movies, it would pin people to their seats with the twisting plot, surprises, and intrigue.

I would go on that journey. What about you?

If you’ve read the Blood of Kings Trilogy, what’s your opinion on seeing it turned into movies? I would love to hear your thoughts.


Fantasy Books as Awesome Movies, Part 2 — Blood of Kings Trilogy — 4 Comments

  1. I would LOVE to see Er’Rets come to life on the silver screen. It would be awesome, to be certain. On that note – have you seen the book trailers that the author did for the second two books? They’re on Jill’s Goodread’s page. The one she did for the first book was pretty run of the mill, but the other two are the next best thing to having an actual film. They’re epic.

  2. While I loved these books (Achan is my favorite character too!), I’m not so sure how they would work as movies. Personally, I would rather see Anne Elisabeth Stengl’s books on the big screen, as they would have an amazing visual appeal. Think a combination of Narnia, Alice and Wonderland, and then Avatar.

    • Yeah, I’ve heard a lot about Anne’s books but I haven’t read any of them. Which means I probably need to add them to my never-ending to-read list.

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