16 Signs You’re a Hobbit at Heart


That word—so simple and modest—conjures pictures of the rolling green hills of the Shire, of merry times, mushrooms, and humble living.

Hobbits have become ingrained in our society, and for good reason. They represent a way of life I think we all secretly wish for, where the biggest worry is whether the garden will bloom and the only concern is living life to its fullest.

An idealistic routine almost always drowned out by the rush-rush-rush of modern society and the pains of a fallen world.

Any Lord of the Rings fan has a special place in their hearts for hobbits, but some identify more closely with our furry-footed friends than others.

Tolkien said, “I am in fact a Hobbit in all but size.”

What about you?

Bilbo Baggins smoking a pipe

Image from richarddavidprice.com

Here are sixteen signs you’re a hobbit at heart.

1. You prefer an uncomplicated life in the country over the bustle of cities

2. The idea of only eating three meals a day is a travesty to you

3. You’ve seriously contemplated the idea of building your own personal hobbit hole

4. You’re content with a quiet lifestyle, living at home without much thought of or desire for faraway adventures

5. Smoking a pipe is never a bad thing in your opinion

6. After a long day of work, nothing appeals to you more than sharing a drink and some stories with friends

7. You have a deep sense of loyalty and love for community

8. You’d jump at the chance to cosplay as your favorite hobbit

9. You’re saving your money so you can someday visit the Hobbiton in New Zealand

10. Once in New Zealand, it’s likely you’d decide you liked it too much to return

11. You think mushrooms add an extra dimension of flavor and texture to almost any dish

12. Some of your children’s names may include Sam, Eleanor, or Merry

13. You’re fond of parties and excuses to make merry with ample amounts of food involved

14. You have an idealistic—possibly naïve—outlook on life and the world in general

15. Having furry feet wouldn’t bother you

16. You love fireworks

Are you a hobbit at heart? How many of these apply to you? I would love to hear your thoughts.


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