30 Questions a Spec-Fic Geek Asks

Chances are, if you’re a spec-fic geek, someone who readily admits to passionate involvement in various fandoms, your mind functions in a different dimension than that of a muggle.

It’s part of your gift…and part of your curse.

Not everyone looks through geek glasses at the world around him or her. But for those who do—myself unabashedly included—you experience, see, and appreciate things in a different way. Including the conversations you might have with fellow geeks, or the random questions that pop into your head or that you ask someone else.

wondering woman

So many questions, so little time

What sort of questions?

Oh, you know, ones infused with illegal amounts of wonder, creativity, or imagination. Questions that click with other geeks straightaway, but that might leave aforementioned muggles staring at you with a blank expression.

Or silently thinking you’re an ideal candidate for the Funny Farm of Weird and Wacky People Anonymous.

If you’re a geek, chances are these sorts of questions will sound familiar. Part of the camaraderie of Geekville. Some fall into the ask-another-person category, while others are more accurately described as “Fanciful Musings to Fill the Time.”

Questions a Spec-fic Geek Asks

  1. What’s your patronus?
  2. Do you know any other languages—such as Elvish, Dwarvish, or Gallifreyan?
  3. Of all the Doctor’s companions, who’s your favorite?
  4. Who would win in a battle between Superman and Thor?
  5. Who’s your favorite fantasy hero?
  6. How long would it take Barry Allen to complete the journey from the Shire to Mount Doom?
  7. If you had to pick one imaginary world to live in, which would you choose and why?
  8. What’s the best superhero team?
  9. DC or Marvel? (let the arguing, bitterness, and heated opinions commence)
  10. Do you prefer science fiction or fantasy?
  11. Among Star Wars, Marvel, and Harry Potter, which holds your deepest loyalty?
  12. Have you ever had a crush on a sci-fi or fantasy character, and if so, who was it?
  13. Am I ever going to get a letter from Hogwarts?
  14. Are pointy ears an indication of a Vulcan’s logical nature?
  15. Could the eye of Sauron penetrate an invisibility cloak?
  16. If Sam Gamgee tried to pick up Thor’s hammer, would he be worthy enough to lift it?
  17. Do you like the new Spiderman movies or the originals?
  18. Who would you cosplay as at a comic con?
  19. Would you rather spend a day locked in Azkaban, two days fighting in the Hunger Games, or three days trekking across Mordor?
  20. If you had to be stranded on a deserted island with one villain, who would you pick?
  21. Could the power of the One Ring seduce Captain America?
  22. Who’s your favorite Doctor?
  23. Which is the coolest “ship”: TARDIS, Millennium Falcon, or USS Enterprise?
  24. If there’s a thunderstorm, does that mean Thor is nearby?
  25. When is the next Marvel movie coming out?
  26. Lewis or Tolkien?
  27. If you could have a mythical creature for a pet, which one would you choose?
  28. What did Gandalf mean when he said, “Fly, you fools”?
  29. Did the top at the end of Inception keep spinning?
  30. What is the role of the other two wizards in Middle-earth?

Would you add anything to the list? How many of these have you asked or wondered about? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


30 Questions a Spec-Fic Geek Asks — 5 Comments

  1. Nice. On some of these I feel like a…what did you call me? a muddle?….*rolls eyes* And on some of these I instantly went “😱 I must know!” Like….”Could the power of the One Ring seduce Captain America?” Good question. I say post that one on Facebook and see what people say!!

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