Book Championship Tournament – Semifinals

Wow. What a set of matchups.

This past week, Round 2 saw some truly remarkable contests take place. How did it go down, and which lucky four moved on to the semifinals? Read on to find out.


Round 2 recaps:

Narnia vs. Harry Potter

A highly anticipated game pitting a true fantasy classic against the powerhouse of the book world since its debut over fifteen years ago. Both series’ came in with strong records and a solid following, but on paper, Harry Potter held the edge.

However, led by a memorable cast of characters, and playing to the nostalgia factor—for many people, Narnia is their first experience in the world of fantasy—Narnia came on strong from the outset. Harry and company reeled from the swift blow and attempted to rally, but Narnia had the momentum.

After a relatively expected first round, Narnia turned the bracket on its head as it blazed a path to victory in an improbably convincing manner. Harry Potter entered the tournament as a favorite to win the championship, but now it knows the bitter taste of defeat.

Meanwhile, Narnia surges into the semifinal to the sound of the team cheer, “Further up and further in.”

Score: 23-5

Lord of the Rings vs. Mistborn

Mistborn is a fantastic modern trilogy, yet it went into this contest as the clear underdog. Lord of the Rings is one of the strongest books in the tournament, and from early on in this matchup, it was clear the venerable epic was ready to play.

In some ways, Mistborn is the upcoming protégé of Lord of the Rings, but in this case the experience and skill of the master came across as loud as a blast on the Horn of Helm Hammerhand. Mistborn still has a long way to go before it can challenge the grandfather of fantasy.

This game was over the moment it began. Lord of the Rings blasted out of the gates and never looked back, securing their place in the semifinals with a lopsided victory. Given this outcome, Lord of the Rings made a persuasive argument that it’s now the favorite to be crowned king of the tournament.

Which, according to reports, pleased Aragorn greatly.

Score: 26-1

Science Fiction

Round 2 recaps:

Hunger Games vs. Ender’s Game

As with the fantasy bracket, the science fiction side of the tournament featured a clash of two YA powerhouses. Widespread fame and appeal would indicate Hunger Games had the advantage, but Ender’s Game proved its mettle in the arena of competition.

Boy genius against girl savior. Who would lead their team to victory? In the minds of many, Hunger Games was a top choice to win the entire tournament. However, its showing was weaker than expected in the first round, and that trend continued into Round 2.

Rumors abound that the team suffered from internal division—something about tensions surrounding irresolvable feelings amongst three of the trilogy’s stars. Whatever the case, Hunger Games crashed against a brick wall in the form of Ender’s Game.

Apparently, the boy genius had the perfect gameplan in place to take down the mighty powerhouse.

A long battle ensued, but in the end, Ender’s Game pulled away for a shocking upset that sent tidal waves through the bracket. Hunger Games is no longer a threat, and Ender’s Game rides high on that tidal wave into the semifinals.

Score: 17-8

Dune vs. Divergent

A classic against a modern star. As several of these matchups proved to be. Would the trend of the renowned contestants beating out their newer competition continue?

From the get-go this was a fascinating contest. After handily defeating Foundation in Round 1, Divergent was riding a surge of confidence. Dune loomed up, ominous as a mountain but vulnerable to defeat.

The game was hard-fought throughout, each series scrapping for the upper hand. Eventually, Dune gained that upper hand and slowly crushed Divergent beneath the weight of its superiority.

Score: 13-5


This week we move into the semifinals, and folks, all I can say is “wow.” Certainly, the game between Dune and Ender’s Game is compelling, if not surprising.

However, all eyes are turned to the fantasy side, where Narnia will square off against Lord of the Rings. A truly epic contest awaits.

book bracketWho will move on to the final, and whose impressive run will end?

It’s up to you. Spread the word on social media, head over to the Facebook group and vote, and may the best two triumph.


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