30 Signs You’re a Fantasy Fanatic

To paraphrase Elf, “I’m a fantasy fanatic and I don’t care who knows it!”

The question is, are you?

happy womanSome symptoms are widespread while others apply only to those whose geek levels have long since broken the geek-o-meter.

Here are 30 signs you fall into the highly esteemed category of fantasy fanatic. If you do, welcome to the club. Eat your Lembas for dinner and then you can have a piece of Turkish delight for dessert.

If you don’t…I’m sorry for your loss. 😮

  1. You’ve read classics such as Narnia and Lord of the Rings, as well as modern superstars…think Eragon and Harry Potter.
  2. The sight of a book the size of the dictionary doesn’t intimidate you, but instead causes great excitement.
  3. You’ve given thought to what your favorite magic system is.
  4. You own at least one replica weapon from a movie.
  5. You know what your patronus is.
  6. You’ve watched the regular and extended editions of Lord of the Rings—multiple times each.
  7. You can name the Fellowship of the Ring, the Pevensie children, and Harry’s best friends without a second thought.
  8. You’re familiar with and appreciate Brandon Sanderson’s limitless brilliance.
  9. You endured the pain of books 7-11 in Wheel of Time (true loyalty, right there folks—or maybe insanity).
  10. You toss out Princess Bride quotes as easily as you text friends.
  11. You can name at least seven fantasy creatures.
  12. You own multiple editions for at least one of your books.
  13. You’ve considered which fantasy world you’d most want to visit.
  14. You would rock at a fantasy trivia game.
  15. You’ve read no fewer than five fantasy series’.
  16. You know which Hogwarts house you belong in.
  17. You know who created the Silmarils.
  18. Hearing the words “epic” and “fantasy” together gives you a thrill of excitement.
  19. You have an addiction to buying fantasy novels, including limited editions.
  20. You can spot a cliché farmboy hero a mile away.
  21. You proudly display calendars, posters, pictures, and other fantasy paraphernalia.
  22. You spend money on geeky fantasy shirts or jewelry.
  23. You frequent sites such as LOTR Project, Pottermore, and NarniaWeb, among others.
  24. You’ve stalked actors from fantasy movies on social media.
  25. You have a list of favorite quotes from books and movies—maybe saved on your computer, jotted down in a notebook, or turned into quote graphics.
  26. You have or want to cosplay as a favorite character.
  27. You spend time imagining which fantasy books would make amazing movies.
  28. You read popular novels and lesser-known novels, and are always eager to discover a new favorite.
  29. You never get tired of embarking on adventures in far-off lands.
  30. As you read this list, you were nodding in agreement.

Are you a fantasy fanatic? Which of these apply to you? I’d love to hear from some like-minded fantasy fanatics.


30 Signs You’re a Fantasy Fanatic — 6 Comments

  1. This is absolutely fantastic. 🙂 So glad JL Mbewe directed me to your site! I shall be adding it to my list of blogs I enjoy!!

    As to which ones apply to me… um…all of them except 8 (familiar with him: yes, but my apologies to Sanderson, I enjoyed his books, but I’m not convinced he’s the genius everyone says he is) (ducks)

    • I appreciate that, Jenelle, and thanks for checking my site out. 🙂

      Yeah, well…we can agree to disagree. I happen to think Sanderson is incredible, but when it comes to books, there’s no right and wrong. I won’t judge if you happen to think he’s average. I don’t want to drive away any potential readers. 😉

      • 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s a great writer. Just not the revolutionary “OH MY GOODNESS BEST FANTASY AUTHOR SINCE TOLKIEN” that everyone else seems to think he is. I truly loved Steelheart, and enjoyed the style he brought to the end of the Wheel of Time series, though I’m pretty sure most of that was Jordan and more just edited/streamlined by Sanderson. I just finished the Mistborn Trilogy and was kinda disappointed though.

        I had the same problem with Christopher Paolini’s Eragon. So many people raved about it, and then I found it…. boring.

        Don’t hate me. hehe.

        • Fair enough. 😀 And yes, Steelheart was excellent. Did you read the other two books? I haven’t gotten to Calamity yet, but I really need to.

          Totally agree with you on Eragon. Read the entire series and found it way too derivative, slow, clunky. My overall impression was “meh.”

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