Presidential Candidates from Middle-earth

It’s election season, but it’s also Fantasy Friday, so why not have some fun?

Naturally, when you think of the election, the candidates come to mind.

Which brings up the question, “What would happen if the presidential candidates were from Middle-earth?” Such an obvious conclusion, right? 😉

How would the field stack up? What would their respective strengths and weaknesses be? Most importantly, who would we vote for?

The Candidates


Stern, loyal, protective, and noble, Aragorn demonstrates many admirable qualities. His rough appearance belies an inner strength and mental grit few others can boast. He’s steady and reliable, attributes that serve him well. He can make the hard decision when necessary and his level-headed approach to difficulties is a welcome change.

While some see his self-doubt as a sign of humility, others contend it shows his inability to lead in stressful situations and cope with the rigors of the presidency.


The major concern surrounding Gandalf’s bid for election is his age. Not to discount the fact that he’s a magical being, but his physical appearance suggests he may not have the stamina to endure the demands placed upon the president.

That being said, Gandalf’s boundless wisdom, insight, leadership skills, experience, tenacity, unwavering commitment to do what’s right despite popular opinion, and compassion for the snubbed segment of the populace make a strong case for his ability to excel should he be elected.

As an important side note, his magical powers would prove invaluable should the country come under attack from domestic or foreign enemies.


It’s arguable that Elrond is the most qualified candidate, with skills gained literally over millennia. His wisdom is unparalleled, his intelligence impressive. He has witnessed the rise and fall of realms, the passing ages of the world. Such knowledge suggests he knows what makes nations great and what pitfalls to avoid.

Despite his seemingly unflawed qualities, Elrond unfortunately suffers from extreme bouts of racism. He’s been known to ridicule other races and call out their foolishness in a cutting manner, a habit that could lead to problems when dealing with multiracial issues.


Saruman is the model of firm, quietly determined leadership. As many other candidates, he boasts vast knowledge and the ability to guide a country. Brusque at times, he would refuse to tolerate any unwarranted attacks, enabling him to withstand the media onslaught quite well.

Beneath the surface, many claim, Saruman is too greedy, too ambitious, too selfish. He seems too crafty, not quite to be fully trusted, a definite blow considering his externally appealing assets.


A noble dwarf, Thorin is nevertheless guilty of extreme greed, prejudice, a narrow mindset, and unmitigated anger. Despite these flaws, he would make an excellent president based on his leadership skills, vision, and determination.

Fearless and bold, he would refuse to back down from any threat, and combining such determination with his skills natural warrior skills would ensure the safety of the country.


With a sense of enthusiasm, love for life, and party-like mindset, Pippin can bring a breath of fresh air to the political scene. As president, he would keep the media thoroughly occupied with his antics, most of which are harmless. While his tendency to act impulsively is seen as a hindrance to his chances, his loyalty and youthful vigor are undeniable benefits.

Perhaps Pippin’s biggest advantage is his claim to represent minorities and the “small people” who often get overlooked in the important affairs of the political arena.

On a side note, comedians around the country secretly rub their hands in gleeful anticipation at the thought of Pippin residing in the White House. He would undoubtedly provide an abundant amount of material.


Tyrannical equality for everyone is the mainstay of Sauron’s campaign strategy. Equal opportunity rings out as a hallmark of his policies. Believing himself far superior, and desiring to rule with absolute authority, or so he’s insinuated, he offers a country where everyone is treated the same in their inferiority.

To balance this apparent lack of compassion, he promises free stuff…mainly in the form of rings. Everything from wedding rings to ringtones. Oddly enough, he hasn’t explained how he expects to pay for these handouts.


The main strength Galadriel possesses is her ability to be a female leader in what many have criticized as a man’s world. She fears no one, backs down from no one, kowtows to no one. Her wisdom and strength are coupled with kindness and compassion.

Her capabilities are clear. However, like all of her race, she falls prey to egotism, leading many to question whether she will have enough humility and a servant-minded attitude, both of which are keys to a successful term as president.


That was but a brief overview of the candidates and their potential—or lack thereof.

Who would you vote for? Would you include anyone else on the list? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Presidential Candidates from Middle-earth — 8 Comments

  1. Hmm… I’d vote for Gandalf. Despite his age, he seems to be best equipped for leading peacefully and promoting equality. Second choice would be Pippin though!

    #Gandalf2k16 😂

  2. If I might remind you of Elrond’s record of helping the other races and welcoming into his home equally. Ulnlike those Greenwood and Lothlorien elves Elrond is approachable and has given up quite a bit of his life to specifically help the Numenorian line survive in Middle Earth when he could have gone across the sea with his wife after her kidnapping and rape.

    It is also worth nothing that Elronds twin brother is himelf a man (long story) so he understands mens side of things better than any other elf.He also comes with an impressive military background and has historically resisted the desire for the rinig, and even begged Isildur to ‘destroy it’. Not many folks can do that.

    And super plu-plus, the dude can read lots of laguages, even dea ones.

    Elrond has my vote

    • Good point, Ruth. Thanks for mentioning that past history, which I’m sure I knew at some point but have obviously forgotten. 😛

      It’s true Elrond is more tolerant of other races than some elves. He definitely has plenty of admirable qualities. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 🙂

    • Ah yes, good old Sam. Now that I think about it, I’m not sure why I didn’t include him. 😮

      He was mayor of the Shire, so he’s proven he can be a good leader. No character is perfect, but Sam comes as close as humanly (or hobbitly) possible. 😉

      Thanks for weighing in, Adam. 🙂

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