Book Championship Tournament – Finals

This past week saw two top-notch matchups, each promising a spot in the tournament final to the winner.

Those clashes went down in epic style.


The most competitive game of the tournament thus far—Narnia vs. LOTR. What more could fantasy fans ask for? The two classic powerhouses in the genre meeting for the ultimate showdown.

The burning question…would the epic scope and legacy of LOTR propel it to victory, or would the nostalgia of Narnia give it the boost it needed to emerge triumphant. While both were closely matched, LOTR had the slight advantage going in.

The game began with a surprising surge by Narnia, led, or so the reports say, by a contingent of fearless mice wielding rapiers. As expected, LOTR wouldn’t be taken down so handily. Hobbits and company withstood the initial barrage and returned the favor, leaping out to a brief lead.

From there, the game landed on a seesaw, momentum swinging from one side to the other and back again. Each competitor gave and received blows, but both kept fighting. It truly was a remarkable sight: two of the greatest, most beloved works of fantasy, locked in a bitter struggle for supremacy.

Yet the sad truth remained. Only one could reach the final.

To and fro they went, armies on a field of battle. Near the end, Narnia grabbed the lead. Despite all the efforts of Frodo and friends, the Pevensie children, talking animals, and Aslan refused to be denied. In a hard-fought clash, Narnia rose to the victor’s pedestal.

Score: 20-17

Science Fiction

In a slightly less enthralling matchup, the sci-fi bracket saw the legendary Dune series take on the acclaimed Ender’s Game.

Fresh off a stunning defeat of Hunger Games in the previous round, Ender’s Game entered the contest with the speed of a runaway rocket. But would its impressive run continue? Dune reared up, unwilling to let the upstart rule the day.

In spite of its legendary status, Dune found itself in a hard-fought match from the outset. Ender’s Game arrived ready to play, to prove their upset of Hunger Games hadn’t been a fluke. It jumped to an early lead. Dune pushed back, but was ultimately outmatched. Ender’s Game never looked back and blasted through to the final round with another convincing, if not somewhat unexpected, victory.

Score: 15-6


We’ve now reached the final game in the Book Championship Tournament. The coming days will decide who rules the universe of far-off galaxies, sprawling worlds, and ultimate creativity.

book championship bracketThe ultimate fate of the winner rests in your hands. Will Narnia complete its historic run, including defeats of two unbelievably powerful opponents, with a championship? Or will Ender’s Game, flying high with confidence, snatch the victor’s crown?

Come back next Monday for the result. In the meantime, share on social media and vote in the Facebook group. It’s gonna be epic. Can’t wait to see who wins.


Book Championship Tournament – Finals — 2 Comments

  1. lol – I have a feeling it’s not going to be an even match.

    “a contingent of fearless mice wielding rapiers” – I’m thinking a comma would be good in here? At first I was picturing a bunch of rapiers running around waving mice at each other. 😉

    • Bahahahahaha

      Good point. That phrase is kinda confusing. At least it makes for an amusing mental picture. LOL

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