When Fantasy Worlds Collide

Today marks the final Fantasy Friday post. May as well go out with a bang, right? 😉

Not that I’m abandoning fantasy. Heck no. Too important and fun for that.

Still, it sounds more official and gives me an excuse to have a fun mashup, where fantasy worlds collide.

This Fantasy Friday, Zac’s Creative Productions Inc. is proud to present an imaginative skit starring characters from Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Narnia.

Picture with me the setting—the shores of a pristine lake, which seems a mirror reflecting the orange and pink sky above. On the far side, a line of dark hills present a stark contrast to the last glow of the sun.

lake at sunsetAt this place, a band of travelers cross paths unexpectedly.

[Enter Gandalf, Reepicheep, Hermione, Harry, and Legolas]

Hermione: Dumbledore, finally. We’ve been searching for you for hours. Where have you been?

Gandalf: Dumble-what? Young lady, has no one taught you that a wizard’s time is his own, and he’ll spend it exactly as need demands?

Hermione: You sound like Dumbledore and talk like Dumbledore, but there’s something different. I can’t place it.

Harry: I don’t think it’s Dumbledore, Hermione.

Reepicheep: I know not of what you speak, young ones, and I do not know why I find myself in this strange country, but I am here to serve.

Hermione [startled and excited]: It talks! Who put a spell on it? How did they do it?

Reepicheep [straightening as if offended]: I beg your pardon, miss? Do you challenge my honor?

Legolas: Enough of this idle talk. The enemy moves. Our delay is his advantage and our dissent his strength. We cannot tarry.

Harry: I wouldn’t worry too much. I’ll admit he has complex schemes, but they always involve me, and I’m right here.

Hermione [lifting her wand]: I’m going to try and reverse the spell. This should be a fascinating experiment.

Reepicheep: Unhand your stick, miss.

Gandalf: Quite a merry lot we make. Instead of making merry, however, I suggest we make plans.

Legolas: Wise words, Mithrandir.

Harry [poking Hermione]: I told you it wasn’t Dumbledore!

Hermione [face scrunched in concentration]: Hush, Harry. Can’t you see I’m busy?

Harry [to Gandalf]: Whose side are you on?

Gandalf: Side? I have ever contested the Dark Lord’s rise to power. And you…seem familiar to my mind. Have we met? The Prancing Pony, mayhap?

Legolas: Hush! A murmuring reaches my ears.

Reepicheep: Enemies? I shall teach them to fear my steal.

Hermione: You couldn’t hurt a fly with that twig.

Reepicheep [bristling]: It is against my honor to harm a lady, but I ask that you speak civilly to me. Did they teach you no manners in your land?

Gandalf: Enough! Stop your arguing before you cause my ears to kindle. As Legolas and the young lad (I’m certain we’ve met) have suggested, we have greater matters at hand. I saw enemy scouts on the far side of the water, slinking through the trees at the feet of the knolls.

Reepicheep: Let them come! I do not fear combat or death.

Hermione [shivering]: What were they? Not Dementors I hope.

Gandalf: You and your friend are strange. In all my wanderings, I have never encountered creatures of such a name.

Legolas: Discomfort steals over me. Why are these others here, Mithrandir? A mouse that can speak, and two human children that I’d swear by Elendil are neither are of the land of Gondor or Rohan. Spies, perhaps?

Harry: We could ask the same of you, especially since the one you call Mithrandir so closely resembles Dumbledore.

Hermione: As if to trick us! Exactly right, Harry. [brandishes wand] Be careful what you say, or I’ll place a spell on you. Harry, what was that abominable spell that backfired on Ron?

Gandalf: No time for foolery, girl. We must hasten away. I smell the foul stench of trouble nearby. Disprove Legolas’ accusation and lower your wand. Who allowed such a thing to begin with? Magic is no trifling matter.

Harry: We don’t trifle, but we’re against the Dark Lord. Hermione, settle down. How can you expect them to trust us?

Gandalf: Great wisdom for one so young. This was not a chance meeting. I feel it deep within my bones. We all strive against the same foe.

Reepicheep: Then let us seek out this foe and put the fear of battle into his heart. [bounds down the worn dirt path]

Legolas: Darkness comes. We must move with stealth. A nagging doubt still lurks in my mind and I cannot banish it. The enemy stirs, seeking to rise up with greater power than ever before.

Harry: He’ll be hiding, wanting to catch us by surprise. Is there someone safe we can go to make plans?

Gandalf: I know of a place, though in truth this land is strange to my eyes. Lead on, Master Elf. You are the one with the keen eyesight and unsurpassed woodcraft.

Legolas [eyeing Harry and Hermione]: I will acquiesce to your wishes and trust your wisdom. Follow me.

Hermione: Should we, Harry?

Harry: Yes. That fellow clearly isn’t Dumbledore, but for some reason I can’t shake the feeling that Dumbledore would tell us to trust him.

Gandalf: It’s settled. Quickly, ere the footsteps of evil catch us up.

[All exit]

What did you think of this meeting of fantasy characters? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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    • Thanks, Olivia. Glad you enjoyed it. I hadn’t thought about doing a follow-up post, but now that you mention it, that sounds like a good idea. 🙂

    • Wow. Thanks Catherine. Really glad you enjoyed it. 😀

      All I can say is, keep watching for more. 😉

    • Haha, thanks Lexi. He has such a huge personality (for one so small) I knew I needed to include him.

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