Dystopian Heroine Résumé

In previous posts, we’ve taken a look at what sort of résumés certain characters would submit. Check out the Archive of Awesomeness for those.

We have another offering that is quite the spectacle. It’s…

Well, read for yourself and see. The spotlight today shines on the dystopian heroine.

teenage girlDystopian Heroine Résumé


I want to save the world. DUH. Or at least make a difference and fight against tyranny. It’s not right how a few elitists want to control everyone. It makes my blood boil, and I can’t stand by and watch. I have to act.

Even if it’s stupid. Even if it’s dangerous or people insist it’s a bad idea. I don’t care. I’m the right person for the role because destiny and fate. Given that, why wouldn’t I want to fill the role?

Stardom’s another major bonus. Be the central figure in a revolution that frees people? I’d be an idiot not to. Not that I crave attention, but it doesn’t hurt, that’s for sure. Plus it makes the boys notice you more. Which is another bonus.


  • Typical high school education
  • A few random, government-mandated tests, though I’m not sure what the purpose of those tests was
  • Living in a family…talk about an education

Skills and Abilities

  • I’m good at attraction boys’ attention, which means a ready-made love triangle waiting to happen
  • I love to talk about myself in the first person
  • I also love talking in the present tense
  • I can pull a pretty rebellious attitude when I need to
  • Learning how to use weapons has always come easily to me
  • I can kick butt in a fight
  • My emotions regularly swing back and forth like the pendulum in a grandfather clock
  • I like boys
  • My mother always said my whining and complaining skills were like well-honed blades
  • I’m not afraid of the public spotlight
  • I have grit and determination—I’ll do whatever it takes to succeed
  • I have a healthy amount of snarl for those who I consider enemies
  • I distrust people easily
  • Stubborn and willful are my middle names
  • I like kissing boys
  • I have a quick mind a quicker tongue
  • I don’t hesitate to make my opinion known
  • I usually have a moody look about me
  • Crying happens—A LOT
  • I’m good at disobeying orders
  • I’m willing to sacrifice myself
  • I have a sibling…yeah, yeah, I know that’s not technically a skill or ability, but it seemed important
  • I have a sense of humor
  • I prefer leading to following
  • I can be a drama queen at times
  • My age, right in the middle of my teen years…again, not a skill or ability, but this one seemed super important
  • I’m protective of those I care about
  • I’m gifted with an attractive appearance


  • Uh, life


  • My family
  • My boyfriends
  • My neighbors
  • My mentor

If you were applying for the position of dystopian heroine, what would you put on your résumé? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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