Lord of the Rings Favorites

Guess what momentous occasion takes place tomorrow.

It’s a birthday. A very special birthday.

Lord of the Rings turns 62 (not quite Eleventy-One yet, but we’re getting there).

Consider this the pre-party post. If you’ve been following the Silmarillion Awards the past several weeks, this is the pinnacle. The awards were to celebrate fantasy and—ultimately—celebrate the publication of the masterpiece that laid the groundwork for the fantasy genre as we know it.

Little did Tolkien know the great empire that would spring up, built upon those first humble whisperings of greatness.

As a lover of fantasy, I can’t fully express my amazement at the scope and beauty of Lord of the Rings, nor show enough gratitude for the rich landscape of fantasy novels that followed.

Lord of the Rings ranks up there on any fantasy fan’s list of favorites. To celebrate this pre-birthday party, let’s jump into a list of favorites, LOTR-style.

Lord of the Rings Favorites

Favorite quote, thanks to good old Sam:

Sam quoteFavorite humorous line (from the movie): When, after Legolas goes super-elf and takes down one of the towering Mumakil and its riders, Gimli stares for a moment, then says, “That still only counts as one.”

Favorite character: This is a tough one. Ultimately, I think I have to go with Sam. He’s loyal to the end, unwavering, determined. Thought Frodo in many ways is the hero of the story, he “wouldn’t have gotten far without Sam.”

Favorite scene: So many to choose from. In the book, I loved reading and rereading The Bridge of Khazad-dum chapter, particularly the part where Gandalf saves them and falls into the abyss.

In the movie, it has to be the scene when the Riders of Rohan charge into the black sea of Mordor’s horde as the sun rises. Gives me chills every time.

Favorite song: I’m torn between Into the West and May It Be. They’re both infused with a haunting beauty in their own right. But I think I have to choose Into the West.

Favorite movie: Return of the King.

Favorite battle: Helm’s Deep. In both the book and movie, it’s more intriguing, more compelling, than the battle for Minas Tirith (I enjoyed the movie’s version much more).

Favorite creature: This is going to sound weird, but…Smeagol. He’s not my favorite in the ordinary sense of the word, but he adds such an intriguing dimension to the story. He’s both despicable and pitiful, a picture of the twisted result of the Ring’s power.

Favorite location: Minas Tirith. Can’t go wrong with the White City. Not only is it epic, it also hits ten out of ten on the cool scale.

Favorite meme, starring Boromir of course:

Boromir Meme FavoriteI’d love to hear some of your Lord of the Rings favorites.


Lord of the Rings Favorites — 14 Comments

  1. Ha ha, loved this list. I shared several favorites along with you.

    Sam is my favorite character. And from the movies, “Into the West” is my favorite song. My favorite of the three movies is also Return of the King.

    My favorite location would probably be Lothlorien (though Rivendell is a close second)! Honestly you can’t really go wrong with Minas Tirith, Meduseld, the Shire or even Moria. All of those places would be amazing to see!

  2. Fun favorites post! 😀 Those are some great favorites. “That still only counts as one” — I still laugh every time. XD And yes to the Rohirrim riding against the army of Mordor. Return of the King’s probably my favorite movie as well. 🙂

    • Thanks! I wanted to come up with something fun and easy, and a favorites post seemed like the perfect way to start the pre-party celebration. 😀

  3. Aahhhhh! Loved this “precursor” to the party post! So fun to spend the afternoon curled up on my couch catching up on all the wonderful and extremely varied LOTR posts! I love Smeagol as well… though it is odd… but without him, the story would have been extremely different.

    P.S. I’m going to add this to the link up so more people will be sure to see it!

  4. AHHHHHHHh smeagol!!!!!!
    and this is my promised comment and read for that nerf gun offer 😛 but I will be follwing along because LOTR is amazing and you have a time to rise coundown which I need.


    • Thanks for reading, Hannah. Hope you enjoyed the Nerf war. 😀

      AHHH. Thanks for following. I post plenty of things on LotR, as well as other fun sci-fi and fantasy related topics. 😀

  5. Great compilation of favorites! I love that Sam quote as well. (Just about everything he says is quotable.) I’ve always had conflicting feelings about Gollum/Sméagol, which is kind of the point of his character, but watching the movies for the first time recently brought out those wavering feelings even more.

  6. yesss! l personally also love ‘Into the West’, though I have to admit ‘Misty mountains cold’ is another close favorite!
    Awesome list, keep up the good work!

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