Pop Culture Q&A with The Doctor

Pop Culture Q&AToday’s guest for Pop Culture Q&A offers the most unique perspective and background of anyone I’ve invited. In fact, it’s partially amazing he was able to spare time for this.

On the other hand, it’s as natural as eating fish fingers with custard.

After all, hearsay suggests time is his playground, his giant sandbox. It tries to contain him, but like a slippery fish, he always manages to wiggle out—thanks to his trusty blue police box.

I’m thrilled to welcome the one and only (or is it twelve and only?), space-traveling, time-wrangling, Time Lord of Gallifrey.

The Doctor.

Pop Culture Q&A with The Doctor

Me: I’ve been looking forward to this interview.

The Doctor: “Looking forward”…brilliant time joke. Could use some refinement, but you’re on the right track.

Me: I didn’t intend it as a joke. But if you want to take it that way—

The Doctor: I believe I do. Accept the compliment. They tend to be rare things while around me. Like Roman centurions in the 24th century.

Me: In that case, compliment accepted. Thank you for agreeing to do this. I’m eager to hear your answers to my questions.

The Doctor: Glad I could come. It was a last century decision, and a bit touch and go for few years, but I managed and here I am. In the flesh.

Me: Let’s get started with a question about music, because music happens to be one of my favorite things ever. Favorite three bands?

The Doctor: AC/DC, Imagine Dragons, and OneRepublic.

Me: Neat. I love some of OneRepublic’s stuff. Continuing with this, who’s your favorite singer?

The Doctor: Ed Sheeran. His voice is fantastic.

Me: Agreed. Let’s shift gears a bit and move into the film industry. What are your favorite three movies and why?

The Doctor: Oh, a hard question. I love hard questions. *crack knuckles* Let’s see now. Favorite three…Obviously Interstellar because of space travel and black holes and timey wimey things. For the other two, I’ll go with Magnificent Seven (the original). I love a good western. And Elf. Elf is amazing.

elf-amazing-memeMe: Wow, that’s quite the range in tastes.

The Doctor: I’m a man—excuse me, Time Lord—of many facets.

Me: Don’t I know it. Who’s your favorite actor or actress?

The Doctor: Chris Pratt. I’m a Time Lord, he’s a Star Lord. We get along swimmingly.

Me: Haha, I bet. He’s a cool guy. Now here’s a question. Who’s your least favorite actor or actress?

The Doctor: Michelle Gomez. Something about her that rubs me the wrong way.

Me: Fair enough. I wonder why…? Anyway, now for a fun question. Say you got stranded on a planet without your TARDIS. Which superhero would you choose to come rescue you?

The Doctor: Superman, no questions asked. He and I relate on many things, and he’s virtually indestructible. Always a good thing when a dangerous rescue is involved. And I dig his cape. Dig…Do people say that in this century?

Me: Yeah, it’s around. And good choice with Superman. While we’re on characters, you can pick any character from a story to be your next companion. Who and why?

The Doctor: Yes! This is one I can answer in my sleep. Or standing on my head reciting the periodic table of elements. I would choose Vin from Mistborn. She’s strong, independent, adventurous. And dash it all, she knows her way around a fight. Never a bad thing when roaming through time and space.

Me: I like it. I think you two would make quite the fascinating, comical pair. Now, I know you’ve been pretty much everywhere in time and space. But what’s one fictional location—realm, city, country—you want to visit?

The Doctor (face lighting up): Hobbiton. I’ve always wanted to meet hobbits and wander in the peaceful fields and drink their beer and eat their scrumptious food. It would be a grand time.

Me: That sounds wonderful. Can I come with?

The Doctor: With a little finagling I think I can manage it. Let’s start planning, shall we?

Me: After we finish the interview, I’m totally down for that. We’re starting to wrap up anyways. Which two fictional characters would you most like to see in a relationship? They don’t even have to be from the same story.

The Doctor (rubbing his hands together): Ooohhh, this will be fun. I love playing matchmaker. Quite good at it, too, or so I’m told. Anyway, characters in a relationship. Hmmm. Mary Poppins and Pippin.

Me: Wow. That’s…quite the combination. Care to explain your reasoning?

The Doctor: I think their personalities balance each other out. She can be strict and stern. A by-the-book sort of person. And he’s more carefree and let’s-go-do-crazy-things. Yet they both have an adventurous streak.

Me: Makes sense, actually.

The Doctor: Plus their ship name is adorable: Mary Pippins.

Me (laughing): That’s brilliant. But why should that surprise me? You’re the Doctor.

The Doctor: Who? *winks*

Me: Har har. Well played. Okay, last couple questions. Would you rather be in the concert of your favorite band or have a role in your favorite movie?

The Doctor: Favorite movie. Interstellar really could use a TARDIS. And my screwdriver. And my magnificent brain.

Me: Good choice, then. And last but not least, what’s your favorite book?

The Doctor: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Not even a question. Though I could easily write a book like that and do a much better job: The Doctor’s Guide to Time and Space.

Me: I’d buy that book in a heartbeat.

The Doctor: I’d buy it in two. *winks*

Me (laughing): And what that fine joke, we’re done. Thank you for coming, Doctor. This was a blast. Let’s start planning that trip to Hobbiton?

The Doctor: Allons’y!


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Pop Culture Q&A with The Doctor — 4 Comments

  1. This was SO FUN! 😀
    The Doctor has such fun answers… And I agree, Elf is amazing. 🙂
    I think Star Lord and Time Lord *would* get along swimmingly. I would love to see them come together… XD

  2. When you said Mary Poppins and Pippin I literally shouted, “WHAT?!” at my computer. Then I read the explanation and was like, “Yeah, okay.” And Mary Pippins! X-D Okay, I can ship that!

    But now I need to read Mistborn to know who Vin is. You are the 10000th person to tell me I need to read that series. I really, really need to!

    • Hahaha, glad you approve, Yaasha. The ship name was too good to resist. 😛

      Yes, Mistborn is…incredible. One of the most unique fantasy series’ I’ve read. *is still in shock that you know 10,000 people* 😮

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