Pop Culture Q&A with Sam Gamgee

Today marks a special occasion. It’s September 22nd.

Before you think, “Well, duh. Of course it is,” let me hasten to say—because I’m not an Ent and the word “speed” actually exists in my vocabulary—the date is of utmost importance.

On this day, many many years ago, in the fair land of Hobbiton, a certain Baggins was born. A Baggins whose quest changed the fate of Middle-earth. Of course, I’m speaking of Frodo. However, years before he was born, Bilbo, too, entered the world on the same day—September 22nd.

Thus, we humans have decided to commemorate these events by celebrating Hobbit Day. It’s true. Look it up. This is an actual thing. *you’re welcome, LotR fans* 😉

Pop Culture Q&AIt’s time for another pop culture Q&A session. And what could be more fitting than interviewing a hobbit on Hobbit Day? I wasn’t able to snag Frodo for the interview—he’s likely off signing autographs and going on grand tour of Europe with Gandalf—but my guest is well loved everywhere.

The only gardener who does an equally excellent job of acting as a bodyguard. Whose hope and loyalty are as boundless as the stars.

Samwise Gamgee.

Pop Culture Q&A with Sam Gamgee

Me: Thank you for joining me today, Sam. I can truly say it’s an honor and pleasure to have you.

Sam: Thank you kindly, Mr. Zac. I do appreciate it. Can’t see why you’d want the likes of me on a fancy interview like this.

Me: You’re too humble, Sam. You’re one of the best people—pardon me—best hobbits I could do this with. I can’t wait to hear your perspective.

Sam: Why thank you. Can’t say I know much about the topic. Unless we’re talking how to cook coney and taters.


Me: Not today, unfortunately. The focus is pop culture. I’m going to ask random questions and you answer them however you like. Sound like a plan?

Sam: I’m up for anything. *cracks knuckles*

Me: Sweet. Let’s get this show on the road. First question: Who’s your favorite Doctor?

Sam: That’s a hard question to answer. Truly, though, I’ve always preferred number ten. Can’t say why, exactly. He just has an air about him.

Me: Excellent choice. Eleven’s my personal favorite, but ten was the first one I saw, and I still think he’s awesome. Along this line of thought, would you rather spend a year riding in the TARDIS or on the USS Enterprise.

Sam: Oohhhh, I think the Enterprise. It’s such a huge ship, I could spend hours exploring and never reach the end. And if I’m not mistaken, they have a garden onboard, don’t they? That would be a sight for certain.

Me: Ah yes. I like the way you think, Sam.

Sam: I don’t make my brain work that way, it just happens I suppose.

Me: Here’s a neat question, while we’re on the subject of brains. You’ve seen Inception, right?

Sam: I have, sir, A right good movie, that was. Still can’t figure how everything turned out, and that bothers me from time to time.

Me: I have the same problem. Ignoring that, say you could pick any actor today and plant the seed of an idea in his or her head. Who would you choose, and what would that idea be?

Sam (face scrunched in concentration): I’d pick…Harrison Ford. And I’d give him the idea to spend all his money giving it away to good causes that help people. That’s what I would do.

Me: Sam, you never cease to amaze me and in the best ways possible. You’re an inspiration.

Sam (blushing): You’re too kind, Mr. Zac. I don’t aim to be important like that.

Me: You are, whether you mean to or not. So who’s one character that inspires you?

Sam (without hesitation): Lucy Pevensie. She’s such a kind, sweet girl, and she knows how to follow Aslan even when no one else does. And she’s not afraid to dream, sir. I appreciate that.

Me: Wow, I knew interviewing you would be wonderful, but I had no idea it would reach this caliber of conversation. Gotta love it. One more serious question, then we’ll move into some lighter topics.

Sam: I’ll do whatever you like.

Me: We all know how faithful you are to Frodo. Aside from that, which character in a movie or book would you give your uttermost loyalty to?

Sam: Aslan. He’s as fine as they come, sir. Even better. It would be an honor to give my loyalty to him.

Me: Couldn’t have said it better myself. Okay, moving on with a rather abrupt change. Taylor Swift or Katy Perry?

Sam: Neither, I reckon, though I do like a few of Taylor Swift’s songs.

Me: No judgment here. This should be a fun one. You’re competing in The Hunger Games and can select three actors to help you. Your choices?

Sam: Chris Evans. Benedict Cumberbatch. And…*thinks* Jennifer Lawrence. She only makes sense, right?

Me: Can’t argue with you on that one. Not that I’d argue with you on anything, Sam. Moving along, who would win a dance-off in Dancing with the Stars? Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus, or Matt Smith and Karen Gillan?

Sam: Can’t say I know too much about dancing, but I’d choose Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, mostly because how well they know each other and he’s the Doctor with a magical screwdriver and that’s got to count for something.

Me: Love your logic. And speaking of loving things, what’s one type of story food you’ve always wanted to try?

Sam: It’s not food, but sir, ever since I heard of it, I’ve been pining for a nice stout mug of butterbeer.

Me: Mmmm, that would be great. We’re winding down into the final couple questions. Boy bands, yes or no?

Sam: Give me a garden of weeds instead, sir.

Me: Hahaha, bonus points for such an emphatic answer. Next…favorite superhero.

Sam: Captain America. I like how he always tries to do what’s right, even if he’s the only one. He doesn’t back down or give up, and he sticks to what he believes. That’s admirable.

Me: Indeed it is. Final question for you. You get free tickets to see the band or singer of your choice. Who is it?

Sam: I’ve always fancied The Piano Guys.

Me: Oh yes, I love their music. This has been great, Sam. Oh, and tell all your friends we wish them a happy Hobbit Day.

Sam: I certainly will, sir. Thank you for hosting me. Now that it’s on my mind, I’m off to see about that mug of butterbeer.

What question would you ask Sam? I’d love hear what you come up with, here or on social media.


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    • YAY! I love Sam, too. Made the post super easy and fun to write. 😀

      I’m glad you enjoy them, Madeline. I have ideas for plenty more. If you ever have a character you want me to interview, let me know, and if it’s someone I know at least a little about, I can add him/her to the list. 🙂

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