A Day in the Life of a Geek

I talk about all sorts of geeky things here.

Because the incredibleness of science fiction and fantasy spans the galaxy and shines brighter than the light of the sun. And it’s immensely fun.

This fine Monday, instead of focusing on typical topics, aka what-geeks-like, I want to highlight what-geeks-do.

In other words, a day in the life of a geek.

I’m not drawing from my own experience, because I woke up this morning with the discovery that I can read minds fifteen states away and remember everything every geek has ever told me about anything.

Juuuuuusssttt kidding.

This look at a geek’s life is based on what I know (with perhaps some…okay, IMMENSE…exaggeration and creative license thrown in). Shhh. I never said that. You have no idea that warning exists. Here, have some Forget-me-please tea.

Feeling better? Perfect.

My hope is that you, as a geeky lover of sci-fi and fantasy, relate to this post in a deep way.

A Day in the Life of a Geek


Wake up to your alarm, which conveniently plays the Star Wars theme song.

Put on your sonic (but actually boring and ordinary) glasses.

Eat breakfast, which consists of Darth Vader toast (yes this is a thing) and sautéed mushrooms.

While dressing, add a bow tie to your work attire.

bow-ties-are-cool-memeHead to work in the muggle world.

Rush home because you forgot your pocket handkerchief. In this panic, you call at all the cars you pass, “On your left.”

Go back to work, where you have a makeshift standing desk—a low table and a stack of three Brandon Sanderson books, upon which sits your screen at eye level. A screen fully equipped with a map of Middle-earth screensaver and Rivendell background.

Throughout the morning, you share your ideas and frustrations with your Captain America Pop figure.

captain-a-pop-figureInstead of staring out the window, you stare at your Doctor Who motivational meme pinned to the wall of your cubicle.

doctor-who-posterSlog through a slew of emails (it’s Monday, after all), ending each with “May the odds be ever in your favor.” Upon reflection, you delete the phrase for fear of being turned over to the Ministry of Magic.

Eat second breakfast.

Attend a company meeting, fondly categorized in your mind as The Council of Elrond. Thinking of if that way is mostly a survival mechanism.

During the meeting, which progresses slower than an Entmoot and contains information so confusing everyone sounds like they’re speaking in dwarvish, you hear something you recognize. To which you eagerly say…

I got that referenecEat Elevenses.


Start daydreaming about watching Gotham that night.

Want to go around the room encouraging your coworkers by saying, “May the force be with you.” Deciding that’s too weird, you choose to say “Live long and prosper” instead.

Eat luncheon.

Finish a taxing project, upon which you do an internal jig, imagining yourself dancing with Merry and Pippin on a table in Edoras. Under your breath, you mutter, “To the Crack of Doom with you.”

Enjoy afternoon tea.

Receive a collaborative document to edit. Go through the document, marking odd phrases or poor wording with…inigo-montoya-meme

Get a visit from your manager, during which she lays out timeline expectations for your next project, wanting it to be done soon.

You nod graciously, but in your mind you say, “I call all times soon.”


Head back home.

Check your mailbox, hoping against hope that your Hogwarts letter finally arrived. Which it hasn’t.

As you cross the threshold into your snug (hobbit hole) apartment, say, “Well, I’m back.”

Cook a dinner of fried taters and frothy raspberry soup. While you eat, watch several Honest Trailer videos.

Surf a few of your favorite sites for the latest news:

Eat supper, after which you enjoy a tall pint of butterbeer and the newest episode of Gotham.

Read a few chapters in the latest Brandon Sanderson novel—because the man’s a machine and you literally can’t keep up with the number of books he writes.

Binge a handful of Firely episodes on Netflix.

Hearing a thud outside, you freak out and wonder if the Angels are coming to get you.

Change into your comfortable Chewbacca PJs.

Comfortable in bed, you get on FB and spend the next two hours engaged in a lively discussion in a geek group. The topic? Symbolism in science fiction and fantasy.

Fall asleep thinking about the crack in your wall and wondering when the Doctor is coming.

What would your day as a geek look like? Let’s get a discussion started.


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