Pop Culture Q&A with Katniss

Pop Culture Q&AIt’s high time I interviewed a female on Pop Culture Q&A. Who better to turn to than the worldwide sensation, teenage Phenom…

All around emotional, fierce, passionate, and rebellious girl from District 12.

Katniss Everdeen.

Pop Culture Q&A with Katniss

Me: Excited to have you here, Katniss.

Katniss (eyeing me critically): You’re no Caesar Flickerman.

Me: Well, I like my hair its natural color, and eye-watering hues aren’t my first choice when it comes to clothes. I hope I can make up for that by the caliber of my questions.

Katniss: As long as you don’t badger me about The Hunger Games or being in love with Peeta.

Me: My lips are sealed on that. Anyway, super interested to hear your opinion on things. To start off, who’s your favorite heroine from a movie?

Katniss: Black Widow. She kicks butt and doesn’t let anyone push her around. Plus I’m really jealous of her black leather. It’s so awesome.

Me: I’m not a bit surprised. About any of that. What’s your favorite genre to read?

Katniss: Fantasy.

Me: Care to expound?

Katniss: The good guys win in the end. There’s hope even though people die and things are terrible for a while. The only think I don’t like is the fair damsel in distress. So clichéd it makes me want to poke my eyes out.


Me: Fantasy is prone to its share of clichés, but it’s still a fantastic genre. Easily my favorite to read as well. On the subject of favorites, who’s your favorite hero and what’s the reason?

Katniss: That’s easy. Sam Gamgee. I admire his loyalty and bravery. He’s so kind and gentle, not a fighter but a healer. And the way he sticks by Frodo even when Frodo doesn’t deserve it. How can you not love him?

Me: Yes! Sam is one of the best. Let’s go in the other direction now. Who’s a character you absolutely loathe?

Katniss: Voldemort. He’s evil and creepy and a jerk. I hate him.

Me: That certainly explains it. You’re not alone in that opinion, either. Time to switch gears. Favorite pop song?

Katniss: That’s not fair. I can’t pick one favorite.

Me: What’s one of your top songs, then?

Katniss (after cocking her head in thought): Roar by Katy Perry. I can relate to it and I like the words.

Me: Good choice. I won’t ask you to pick a favorite this time, but who’s one artist or band you enjoy listening to?

Katniss: Kelly Clarkson. She’s got fire and passion, and her lyrics are great. They really hit home with me.

Me: Great choice again. Say you have the chance to attend a special gala in Hollywood. Which actor would you want to escort you?

Katniss: Chris Hemsworth. He’s hot, and his muscles…have you seen them?

Me: Well, can’t argue with that choice, and yes, he’s definitely ripped. So, I’m curious, what could you not live without: music, movies, or books?

Katniss: Music, definitely. I’d go crazy if I couldn’t listen to songs whenever I wanted.


Me: Mmhhm. Not being able to listen to music would be awful. But books and movies are both amazing, too. Which leads to my next question. Would you rather spend a gray, rainy day watching a movie, maybe even a marathon, or curled up reading a book?

Katniss: You like asking hard questions, don’t you?

Me: Hard questions make for interesting answers.

Katniss: That sounds like something Caesar would say. Anyway, I’d say…huh. I guess I’d pick reading. Yeah, that’s my answer.

Me: I approve. Nothing quite like a good book on a dreary day. Now here’s a bit of a personal question. Have you ever had a crush on an actor?

Katniss: Of course I have.

Me: May I ask whom?

Katniss: You really are sounding like Caesar. Um, let’s see. Andrew Garfield. Zac Efron. Chris Pine. Freddie Highmore. Daniel Radcliffe. Chris Hemsworth obviously.

Me: Wow, okay. Now for a fun change of pace. Would you rather fly a spaceship or ride a dragon?

Katniss: Oohhhh. They both sound amazing. I think I’d pick the dragon, though. How many people can say they’ve done that? It would be terrifying, but in a good way.

Me: Yeah, talk about an adrenaline-filled experience. Now, this could be controversial, but who do you think should play the 13th reincarnation Doctor?

Katniss: Hayley Atwell. It’s time for a female Doctor, and she’d do a great job.

Me: Interesting choice. If the Doctor does end up as a female, I think she’s a good choice as well. We’re almost out of time. Final few questions. What’s been your favorite movie so far this year?

Katniss: I really liked the new Jason Bourne movie.

Me: I still need to watch that.

Katniss: You totally do. Action everywhere. It’s the best.

Me: It’s on my list. Okay, next. What’s your favorite TV show currently?

Katniss: You and your hard questions. If I *have* to pick one, I’ll say The Walking Dead. It’s so intense.

Me: Well, zombies. Can’t expect anything else. And final question. You wake up tomorrow and can live in any story you want for an entire year. Which story do you choose?

Katniss (thoughtful): Let’s see. Not somewhere too dangerous. Definitely not somewhere with an evil tyrant ruling everything. Honestly, I’d want somewhere calm and peaceful.

Me: I’m not sure that’s possible, at least completely. There’s always some drama happening.

Katniss: I know. It sucks. *sighs* I guess I’ll pick…ooohh, wait. I know. Sherlock. That would be so cool. It’s dangerous, but with Sherlock and Watson around I’d be fine. Plus I want to see how he solves crimes and does all his brilliant, crazy things.

Me: Sounds perfect to me. Great having you, Katniss. It was fun.


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  1. Ooh, this was so much fun to read! 🙂
    Wow, Katniss sure has a lot of celebrity crushes… XD
    And I totally agree, living in Sherlock’s world would be awesome. 😉

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