Pop Culture Q&A with Loki

Prepare yourselves. Today’s feature guest for Pop Culture Q&A is…how shall I put this nicely?

Different. Unique. Tricky and scheming.

Pop Culture Q&AThus far, I’ve only interviewed hero and good-guy types. It’s time for a change of pace, and who better to provide it than the master of deception, the king of conniving?


Pop Culture Q&A with Loki

Me: Thank you for being here, Loki, and agreeing to this. I honestly wasn’t sure you’d come.

Loki: But of course. Why would I not?

Me: Oh, no reason. No reason at all. *eyes Loki with suspicion* Can I ask a question before we get started?

Loki: I thought that was the point in this entire process.

Me: Is this the real you or that strange mirage-double thing you do?

Loki: I can assure you, I am here. In the flesh.

Me (thinks better of poking him to be sure): Okay then. Want anything to eat or drink before the interrogation begins? *winks*

Loki (settling back in his chair): Thank you, but no.

Me: By the way, totally kidding about the interrogation. This is just a fun exercise to see your take on pop culture. Nothing more.

Loki: You seem worried, uncertain. Have I done something to disturb you?

Me: I’m gonna pass on answering that and get down to business. Worst pop artist of all time?

Loki: Undoubtedly Taylor Swift. I loathe everything about her. A mewling muddle of humanity.


Me: Thank you for being candid. Now I’m never going to escape that mental image. Anyway, moving on, best pop artist of all time?

Loki: Adele. Her style, her charisma, her voice. Unmatched across the Nine Realms.

Me: If you say so, I’m not gonna question it. Next up: which fantasy world would you rather visit—Narnia or Middle-earth?

Loki: Middle-earth. I know how to deal with elves and dwarves would present no problems. I imagine I’d enjoy getting under Saruman’s skin and casting the blame on Gandalf.

Me (nodding): That would be…interesting. Returning to music for a moment, what would you say the theme song of your life is?

Loki: On principle, I detest boy bands. Everything about them and everything they stand for. However, in this instance, I’ll say that Illusion by One Direction has always held a special place in my heart.

Me: Given what I know about you, I can totally see that. Who’s your favorite character from a movie?

Loki: Severus Snape. More to him than meets the eye, and I like that in people. It makes life more delicious, more unpredictable.


Me: No kidding. Now, you can’t use the same answer, but who’s your favorite character from a book?

Loki: James Moriarty, based on the same principles.

Me: Makes sense. Say you can take three Hollywood stars out for dinner. Who do you choose and why?

Loki: I’ve always admired Robert Downey Jr. What goes on in that mind of his, I wonder? My second choice is Tom Hanks. The man is a legend, a nugget of gold in a muddy river bed. Finally, I would include Jennifer Lawrence. A social event isn’t the same without a female influence, and she would have many interesting things to say, I’m sure.

Me: That’s quite the list. I can only imagine the conversations. Come to think of it, I don’t want to do anything more than imagine. If you could pilot one famous sci-fi ship, which would you pick?

Loki: The Deathstar. To wield such power, to stand at the helm of such an enormous, influential spacecraft—nothing could compare.

Me: Let’s just say I’m glad that was nothing more than a theoretical question. Moving to a lighter subject, what movie would you want to forget so you could watch it for the “first time” again?

Loki: Inception. It was a breathtaking film.

Me: Yes. Totally agree with that. Easily one of my favorite movies. Rolling along, you can have any superpower in the world. What do you choose?

Loki: Telepathy. I can only begin to number the potential uses and possibilities.

Me: No offense, but that’s creepy. Like, seriously. And speaking of creepy, let’s go that route for a few questions. Creepiest setting you’ve encountered in books, movies, TV shows, whatever.

Loki: The first Jurassic Park movie, when it’s a dark and stormy night, and the dinosaurs begin to reveal their—how shall I put this?—predatory nature.

Me: Yep. That was terrifying. Who’s one character that sends shivers up your spine.

Loki: In all honesty, none come immediately to mind. Disgust, annoyance, hatred, yes. But fear? Fictional characters rarely possess such power to evoke that response.

Me: Gotcha. Can’t say I didn’t try.

Loki: I could.

Me: Well, I suppose. But that’s unbecoming of one of Odin’s sons.

Loki (in a brisk tone): Let us continue the questions.

Me: Yes, of course. Don’t need to get sidetracked at the end. In your opinion, who’s the greatest writer of all time?

Loki: Isaac Asimov. His creative genius and insight are unparalleled in fiction.

Me: I’ve never read Asimov, but I think I need to. *nods* Would you rather read a book, watch a movie, or attend a concert?

Loki: Concert. I find many books tedious and movies predictable.

Me: Fair enough, though I happen to think otherwise. For the final question, let’s go crazy. Whose Twitter account would you stalk?

Loki: Chris Hemsworth.

Me: Great answer, and unsurprising, honestly. I feel like you two could connect really well. *sly grin* Anyway, thanks for coming, Loki. And for, um, behaving?

Loki: Behaving? I think you’re mistaken… *flickers and vanishes like a mirage*


What pop culture question would you ask Loki? I’d love to hear your thoughts here or on social media.


Pop Culture Q&A with Loki — 4 Comments

  1. I was so excited when I saw you were interviewing Loki. 😀
    I would most definitely want to see Loki get under Saruman’s skin. Please. XD
    Loki + telepathy = Creepiness… *shivers*
    I was totally LOKI’D at the end there. XD Nice post! 🙂

    • Yes, Loki vs. Saruman would be quality entertainment.

      I know, right? That’s practically busting the creep-o-meter.

      Haha, thanks. Glad you enjoyed it, Madeline. 😀

  2. Lol! Nice post! Totally makes sense that he hates Taylor Swift. YES YES YES. I mean, come on, he’s Loki. 😀 I also find it interesting that he liked Snape … who would have guessed? He deserves a high 5. 😀 Love it! Keep up this post series!

    • Cool, glad you liked it, S. M. Yeah, Snape was the first one who came to mind.

      Thanks, more posts are coming each Thursday for the next several weeks at least. And I’ve already done several notable characters: Reepicheep, Gandalf, the Doctor, Spock to name a few. 😀

      Glad you stopped by. 🙂

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