If Aslan Were Elected as President

What if we could have a president we actually wanted? Better yet, what if that president were a favorite character from fiction?

In this edition of not-actually-real-but-let’s-imagine-so-anyway, we have such an opportunity.

Thank you to everyone who participated in my last-minute vote for favorite characters idea. Aslan is the official winner. *shock and surprise*

Huzzah! Huzzah! Confetti and cake all around.

High King Peter came in second, and Aragorn claimed the third spot.

Aslan, however, rightly deserves the attention today. One of the biggest questions—think size of the Death Star plus some—surrounding any presidential election is, “How will the new president change things?” Either for good or bad.

Applying this to our scenario, how would Aslan handle certain issues and problems? What changes would he institute?

Settle in with a cup of your favorite tea, and let’s find out.

21 Things Aslan Would Do as President

  1. Treat the citizens with gracious kindness.
  2. Combat evil in its many forms with a gentle yet firm approach.
  3. Pay off the national debt himself.
  4. Encourage the exploration of new worlds via storytelling.
  5. Appoint worthy leaders to run the country alongside him.
  6. Bestow extremely awesome gifts upon his loyal subjects.
  7. Develop a branch in the military exclusively for talking mice warriors.
  8. Declare October 16 National Narnia Day.
  9. Advocate the usage of wardrobes for clothing storage.
  10. Punish those who deserve it, but never out of malice.
  11. Improve the education system.
  12. Regulate the consumption of unhealthy foods, particularly Turkish Delight.
  13. Serve his citizens instead of expecting them to serve him.
  14. Commission quests and voyages.
  15. Fight corruption and greed in the political system.
  16. Revamp the medical industry with the introduction of a special healing cordial.
  17. Institute a comprehensive reading program to encourage kids to discover the benefits and joys of reading.
  18. Implement a law that would allow talking animals to be recognized as official citizens.
  19. Develop strong relationships with both ally and hostile nations.
  20. Commission lampposts to be erected along every street.
  21. Cut costs by using magical horns in place of the emergency alert system.

What are some ways you think Aslan would change our country if he were president? I’d love to hear your thoughts here or on social media.


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