Pop Culture Q&A with Inigo Montoya

Pop Culture Q&AThis time around on Pop Culture Q&A, let’s delve into the world of heroism, chivalry, and twue wuv.

My guest is an honest fellow with a passion for avenging the death of his father. A passion that on occasion carries too far. Yet, ‘tis an honorable aspiration.

I’m merely glad he agreed to pause his quest and join us today.

Please welcome Inigo Montoya.

Pop Culture Q&A with Inigo Montoya

Me: Hey Inigo, it’s great to have you here. I know you’re a busy man, so I appreciate you taking time for this.


Inigo: It’s my pleasure, good sir. But I pray that we can keep this short, yes? For I must not leave off my search for long.

Me: Perfectly understandable. I’ll be watching the clock. And with that, let’s get to it. What’s your favorite fantasy weapon?

Inigo: Fantasy contains many beautiful, useful weapons. I have always preferred the rapier.

Me: Not a typical weapon. I like your answer. Continuing in the same vein, what would you do if you met a fire-breathing dragon? How would you defeat it?

Inigo: With my wit and determination and a sharp blade. Even the most powerful dragon has a weak spot.

Me: Always good to remember. Powerful foes can be defeated. Let’s hop over into reality for a bit. Who are three Hollywood stars you like to keep track of on social media?

Inigo: Benedict Cumberbatch, Scarlett Johansson, and Ian McKellen.

Me: Fascinating answers. May I ask the reasoning behind those choices?

Inigo: It’s my belief that actors develop the persona of a character they’ve played repeatedly. Thus, Sherlock Holmes, Black Widow, and Gandalf. Together, they could lead me to the scoundrel who killed my father.

Me: Aha! So that’s the root of this. I must say, your devotion to this cause is admirable. Anyway, while we’re on actors, who’s the greatest actor ever in your opinion?

Inigo: Tom Hanks.

Me: Hard to argue with that choice. Sticking with favorites, let’s go with movie.

Inigo: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. What more can one ask from movies?

Inigo Montoya - Let me explain... no, there is too Much, let me sum up

  • Daring quests
  • Bold warriors
  • A battle against evil
  • True love

I only wish I could have entered the tale and stood alongside those valiant characters.

Me: Yep, pretty much my thoughts on the matter. While we’re sort of on the subject, would you rather live in a Gotham without Batman or a Middle-earth without Gandalf?

Inigo: That’s an easy choice, my friend. Middle-earth without Gandalf would be unbearable. If not for him, Sauron may well have regained his power and ruled without mercy. Gotham is a cruel, twisted place, but my blade would defend me well, while against the sorceries of Sauron, who could stand?

Me: You have a point there.

Inigo: My sword has a point. I have sense.

Me: Haha, fair enough. Since you mentioned Sauron, I’m curious. Who do you think is the most villainous villain of all time and space?

Inigo: Voldemort. Even his name rings with the tones of evil and treachery.

Me: Voldemort…yes. A nasty name for sure. I know you want to get back to your quest, so I’ll wrap up with a few more questions. First off, favorite genre of music.

Inigo: Country. Its soulful words speak to my heart, my friend.

Me: That’s slightly surprising, but okay. Any favorite country artists?

Inigo: Carrie Underwood and Garth Brooks.

Me: Cool. Next up, we’re off to the vast reaches of space. What’s your favorite sci-fi movie or TV show?

Inigo: I’m not one for tales of science fiction. Yet since you asked, I will oblige you with an answer. It’s impossible to top Star Wars. Valor, courage, epic quests, dastardly villains, true love. One could practically call it a fantasy set in space.

Me: Yeah, I’ve heard that comparison before. I’m not a huge Star Wars fan, but I see your reasoning. Okay, thank you for being patient with me. We’ve reached the final question.

Inigo: I do not mean to sound rude, but I am glad. I truly think I will contact Mr. Cumberbatch once this has ended. He of all people ought to be able to give me direction.


Me: Sounds like a plan. Good luck. Something tells me you’ll need it. For your last question, if you could be any character in any story, who would you pick?

Inigo: This may sound strange, but I’ve always admired the noble mouse Reepicheep. His sense of honor and gallantry. His love for and loyalty to his friends. His indomitable spirit despite his stature. Perhaps best of all, his rapier. Yes, I would be Reepicheep.

Me: Fantastic choice. I can totally see the similarities, and I mean that as a compliment.

Inigo (dipping his head): Thank you kindly.

Me: Thank you. For halting your quest to come have this interview. I appreciate it. Hope your search goes well. Let me know how things go with Benedict?

Inigo: As you wish. Now I bid you farewell.

What question would you ask Inigo? I’d love to hear your thoughts here or on social media.


Pop Culture Q&A with Inigo Montoya — 11 Comments

  1. I love Inigo Montoya! 😀
    This was so fun to read! And I am quite curious as to how things will go between Inigo and Benedict… 🙂

    • Huzzah! Glad you enjoyed it, Madeline. Yes, I imagine that will be an interesting meeting…

      OOHHHH, I could even turn it into a blog post.

  2. This is awesome!
    I totally think Inigo Montoya and Black Widow would be great friends.

    As for questions for Iron Man, hmm……… maybe what did he finally decided to call the element he created for his suit? Or if he had to choose to fly on the Enterprise or go on board the Death Star?
    Awesome writing anyway!

  3. Fun interview! Love Inigo and everything Princess Bride.

    Hmmm, if I could ask Iron Man a question…. I’d probably ask him why he hasn’t been himself lately and if he’s ever going to get over the whole “shock of aliens in NYC” thing… because I miss his witty banter and more carefree nature.

    But for the purposes of your interview… I’d love to know who his favorite author is!

      • You did a very good job with him. 🙂 I could believe his answers.

        Do you mean to say you haven’t seen the movie?!??!?! It is my all-time favorite. The book is wonderful as well, I cannot choose between them.

        • Okay, good.

          Actually, no. I’m not *quite* that bad. 😛 I saw it all the way through several years ago, and I’ve seen parts of it since. However, I haven’t read the book.

  4. Janelle, Kory, Madelin, so…

    I totally didn’t mean to use Iron Man. It should have been Inigo’s name. 😮

    The hilarious thing is, that question got more responses than when I asked the exact same thing on the interview I actually did with Iron Man. Go figure. XD

    But thanks for answering anyway. 😀 😀

    • Hahah, that’s funny. I missed the Iron Man interview so thought you were gearing up for asking him questions.

      Okay, if I could ask Inigo a question… it would be to find out if he did take Westley up on his offer to become the next Dread Pirate Roberts, and how that’s going for him?

      • Aha. That makes perfect sense, Jenelle.

        Good question. What do you think the chances are that Inigo took that offer? I’m kind of thinking he would.

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