A Sidekick’s Résumé

Sam Gamgee. Fred Weasley. Dr. Watson.

These names resound across the pages of fiction, heralding the underappreciated role of the sidekick.

Every story needs a hero, and every hero needs a sidekick. A person (or hobbit) who sticks by them through the hottest blasts of dragon fire.

Image via lotr.wikia.com

Image via lotr.wikia.com

The sidekick comes in many shapes and sizes. Often, they find themselves hidden in the shadow of the hero’s greatness and derring-do. Yet at times they emerge from the corner and stride out to the center of the stage.

What sort of résumé would someone who desired to fill the shoes (or hobbit feet) of a sidekick send? How skills and gifts are required for such a noble undertaking?

A Sidekick’s Résumé


In this résumé, I wish to prove my ability to act in the role of the hero’s sidekick. My desire is not to gain all the glory or to have the tale center upon me and my feats. Rather, I would see to it that I’m a steady companion and faithful friend to the hero.

I don’t want the attention or accolades. My goal is to support the hero, to be the one he can turn to whenever the need arises.


  • Read The Humility Handbook
  • Studied the Supportive Friend Forever instructional series
  • Attended Love and Loyalty Middle School
  • Graduated summa cum laude from Assistant and Associate University

Skills and Abilities

  • Having a self-sacrificial attitude
  • Showing unswerving loyalty
  • Knowing how to cheer the hero up
  • Always having a kind or encouraging word
  • Remaining faithful despite anything that happens
  • Loving the hero
  • Being willing to die for the hero
  • Forsaking all for the sake of being by the hero’s side
  • Facing danger even if it’s terrifying
  • Putting the hero’s needs ahead of my own
  • Exhibiting a selfless perspective, not wanting or demanding the spotlight
  • Questioning the hero when he’s gone astray
  • Protecting the hero with every ounce of strength possible
  • Coming up with simple yet brilliant and timely plans
  • Sneaking and skulking in enemy territory
  • Saving the hero
  • Identifying potential threats to the hero
  • Letting the hero do the amazing feats of saving
  • Providing emotional support
  • Knowing how to cook
  • Having a sense of humor
  • Seeing the good even during the darkest times
  • Comforting the hero
  • Being strong if the hero can’t
  • Saying quotable phrases


  • Working with people throughout my schooling years
  • Dealing with siblings


  • Friends
  • Family (because unlike the hero I’m not an orphan)

If you were applying for the position sidekick, what would you put on your résumé? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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