Fantasy and Sci-fi Renditions of 12 Days of Christmas

Christmas is nearly upon us.

Where has the year gone? *insert gasp of shock and look of bewilderment*

To celebrate the countdown until that magical day on the 25th, my set of posts for the next two weeks will have a Christmas theme. I’ve titled this set of posts…wait for it.

The 12 Days of Christmas.

Wait. Am I bonkers? (Don’t answer that.) Am I terrible at math? (Don’t answer that, either.) Technically it’s thirteen days until Christmas. But let’s be honest…rules. Meh. They’re more like guidelines, really.


All that’s to say, be prepared for some awesomesauce fandom fun, served with a large portion of Christmas and a side of geekiness.

To kick things off, we’re actually going to focus on 12 Days of Christmas. As in the song. What would the verses shine the spotlight on if centered around a specific fantasy or sci-fi series? I’m glad you asked. 😉

**important note** I’m only counting down the song from the 12th day each time. Otherwise it would be too long and cumbersome. You’re welcome. 😉

***other important note*** For the most beneficial viewer experience, read these to the tune of 12 Days of Christmas.

Sci-fi and Fantasy Renditions of 12 Days of Christmas


Twelve divided districts

Eleven Effie outfits

Ten kisses for Peeta

Nine scrapes with death

Eight Caesar interviews

Seven hysterical outbursts

Six sobbing sessions

Five Gale hugs

Four dear friends

Three Capitol visits

Two boyfriend choices

And one girl they call “The Mockingjay”


Twelve talking mice

Eleven frolicking fauns

Ten rowdy dwarves

Nine Bism gnomes

Eight English children

Seven banished lords

Six vile villains

Five noble kings

Four Pevensie siblings

Three Bulgy Bears

Two friendly beavers

And one wardrobe in the spare room


Twelve months of questing

Eleven filthy orcses

Ten poems recited

Nine creepy wringwraiths

Eight juicy fishes

Seven major races

Six meals a day

Five big battles

Four valiant hobbits

Three epic beards

Two white wizards

And the One Ring to rule them all

Which sci-fi or fantasy series would be your favorite for this song? I’d love to hear your thoughts here or on social media.


Fantasy and Sci-fi Renditions of 12 Days of Christmas — 6 Comments

    • Haha, thanks, Kory. Glad you enjoyed it. Some of the numbers, especially in Narnia and Hunger Games, were super hard to come up with. But it was a really fun post to write. 😀

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