If a Spec-fic Geek Made New Year’s Resolutions

Apparently my subconscious New Year’s resolution was to write lots of posts about New Year’s resolutions. 😮

Continuing with the theme, we’ve looked at characters and the spec-fic genres. Time now to turn to the geeks of the world, and ask the question, what would a spec-fic geek include in New Year’s resolutions?

If a Spec-fic Geek Made New Year’s Resolutions

  • Travel in the TARDIS.
  • Visit Hobbiton.
  • Attend a comic con.
  • Create a cosplay costume.
  • Say “Live long and prosper” as a farewell to someone who’s not a geek.
  • Compile a “family” of sic-fi and fantasy character Funko Pops.
  • Learn to speak Klingon.
  • Dress up in a Chewbacca onesie and go out in public.
  • When someone’s in a rush to get somewhere, call at them, “Fly you fools!”
  • Spend all your gift card money on books.
  • Wear a geeky shirt at least one day every week.
  • Say “I am Groot” randomly in an elevator full of strangers.
  • Go to the first showing of every Marvel and DC film released in 2017.
  • See the Batman Lego movie at least twice in the theater.
  • Learn to make chainmail.
  • Compose a song or poem for your favorite character.
  • Find a tall hill and charge down it wielding your replica of Peter’s sword (which you naturally bought) and shouting, “For Narnia and for Aslan!”
  • Make a minimum of five LotR memes.
  • Send birthday cards to your favorite actors from sci-fi or fantasy movies.
  • Swoon over the new Star Wars movie (as is only proper and befitting).
  • Celebrate Hobbit Day.
  • Wear bow-ties on a regular basis.
  • Make a homemade lightsaber.
  • Read a book a week.
  • Proclaim, “Holy frijoles, Batman!” at a Mexican restaurant.
  • Have a fandom-themed birthday party.
  • Do an LotR marathon, a Captain America marathon, an Avengers marathon, a Dark Knight marathon, and a Star Wars marathon (warning: attempting these consecutively is likely to lead to fandom overload and possible short-circuiting of the brain).
  • Host a Doctor Who night for all your Whovian friends, to celebrate the release of the new series.
  • When at a restaurant, order “Early Grey, hot,” then give the server a knowing look.
  • Set aside one day where you follow the eating regimen (six meals a day) of hobbits.
  • Wear a red shirt, and when the day is over, wildly celebrate having survived.
  • Participate in a D&D marathon.
  • When you see a couple kissing in public, go up to them and say, “Wuv, twuu wuv.”
  • Memorize a poem from Lord of the Rings.
  • Every time someone mentions something from a fandom, point at them and say, “I understood that reference.”
  • Decorate every wall of your room with fandom posters and calendars.
  • When faced with a complicated question, say, “Forty-two, the answer’s always forty-two.”

As a spec-fic geek, what would you add to the list? I’d love to hear your thoughts here or on social media.


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