The Great Character Clash – Round 2

The clash has begun.

The sparks of competition flash in the arena.

Those deemed worthy have moved on to Round 2.

The updated brackets promise more heart-rending decisions and the meeting of many worthy opponents.

Now for the matchup summaries.


Sam Gamgee defeats Kaladin

In the most lopsided bout, the humble Shire gardener proved that even the smallest of people (or Hobbits) must not be underestimated.

Further proving Sam’s humility, he was spotted after the announcement was made, blushing red as a peony and mumbling how “I don’t rightly deserve this, but I’m mighty thankful to all those kind people who chose me.”

Reepicheep defeats Merlin

Even magic couldn’t overcome the fiery passion and pin-pricking rapier of Narnia’s most beloved talking mouse. Who, as in all things, was gracious in victory.

Gandalf defeats Legolas

A wizard is never late.

Nor is he early.

Nor does he find it easy to lose. In the matchup featuring the “Battle of Beautiful and Flowing Hair,” Gandalf’s white locks reigned supreme.

Lucy Pevensie defeats Jack Sparrow

Jack’s last-minute entry into the bracket lacked the boost he needed to catapult (piratey pun perhaps? 😉 ) him past Lucy. Her faithful nature and adventurous spirit proved too much for that rogue o’ the sea.


Edmund Pevensie defeats Artemis Fowl

Because redemption stories.

Aragorn defeats Hermione Granger

Wits and cunning aren’t everything. And apparently the rugged Ranger dude persona finds more favor than does the attractive genius teenage girl.

Puddleglum defeats Janner Wingfeather

In the post-win interview, Puddleglum offered his perspective.

“I suppose something must have gone wrong. I’m not holding out hope that I actually won. Better to expect rain, that way when it comes you won’t be disappointed.”

Saruman defeats Vin

Even Vin’s powers and pluck were no match for the mighty wizard Saruman, who’s soothing voice and wind-blown hair managed to charm the audience into submission.


Spiderman defeats Iron Man

The tournament’s most heated matchup. Reports, though unproven, suggested bribery on the part of Iron Man. He also sent out a PSA, but all for naught.

The dashing young web designer from NYC showed his grit and determination, fending off Iron Man’s desperate attempts to move on.

Upon finding out he lost, Iron Man returned to Stark Tower and held a pity party, crying himself to sleep in the arms of a giant stuffed bunny.

Loki defeats Katniss

This was a battle of drama. Power hungry Asgardian demigod trickster against emotionally unstable teenage warrior chick. Katniss’s tears and arrows weren’t enough to defeat Loki’s schemes.

Katniss claimed that Loki only won through mind-control. Loki denied the accusation, saying his unquenchable charisma was to blame.


Darth Vader defeats River Song

It’s unclear how this occurred, but reports suggest the constant whoosh-whoosh of Vader’s breathing drove River to mental instability.

Spock defeats McCoy

Logic versus passion. McCoy stormed out after hearing he’d lost, muttering about “pointy-eared, blue-blooded robots who don’t know how to enjoy life.”

To which Spock replied, with raised eyebrows, “Fascinating.”


Han Solo defeats the 10th Doctor

A scintillating duel that even featured casualties. Namely, the people who couldn’t bring themselves to choose between the two. In the end, 10’s flair and accent and impeccably gelled hair weren’t able to overcome the POWER OF THE HAN!

Leia Skywalker defeats Khan

When pitted against a person whose résumé includes galactic hero, beautiful princess, and Jedi Knight, what chance does one have? None.

Sorry, Khan.

11th Doctor defeats Doc Brown

Two doctors, but the alien won. Because time travel and a TARDIS and a sonic screwdriver. Possibly also because 11 reportedly convinced Doc Brown to try Fish Fingers and custard, whereupon the frizzy-headed scientist promptly passed out.

Star-Lord defeats Ender Wiggin

Ender might have the brains, but when the beat of competition drops and the music blares, Star-Lord pulls the moves better than anyone. The galactic guardian easily danced his way into the second round.


How It Works (in case you’re new or are like me and have a hard time remembering things) 😛

  • Voting begins today and runs through Friday
  • Voting will happen in the special Facebook group created for the tournament
  • If you don’t have Facebook (don’t worry, I won’t judge…mostly), you can vote here in the comments
  • You can vote for every matchup
  • A new round begins every Monday
  • The winners of the two brackets will meet in the final to determine the champion
  • The more the merrier, so spread the word on social media

Which matchup are you most looking forward to this round? I’d love to hear your thoughts here or on social media.


The Great Character Clash – Round 2 — 11 Comments

  1. Oh my goodness, this post was way too much fun. XD

    Due to lack of FB (sorry. :P) I’m voting here… I vote for Aragorn and Gandalf in the Fantasy ones, and Han Solo in the Sci-fi… and… eh… *is dragged toward a conclusion via mind-control* Loki, I guess. XD (I haven’t seen Spiderman or Spock, so…)

  2. Ok, well I was late on Round 1, so here we go:

    Fantasy: Sam Gamgee, Lucy Pevensie, Aragorn, and Saruman.

    Sci-Fi: Loki (Of my own choice. *I think), Spock, Leia Skywalker, and the 11th Doctor.
    Can’t wait for Round 3!

  3. Here I am, just coming in under the wire! What a tough battle. I’m excited to see who wins the next round!
    Fantasy: Sam, Gandalf, Aragorn, and Puddleglum (can you tell which fandom holds my allegiance?)
    Sci-fi: Loki, Spock, Han Solo, and the Eleventh Doctor.

    • Thanks for the votes, Abbey. I can’t wait, either. It’s gonna be fun. 😀

      Yep, and you’re not alone in your allegiance, either. 😛

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