Characters Prepare for The Great Character Clash

From the residents of Fandomland, I have a message I would like to pass along…


Science fiction and fantasy characters from hither and yon are most appreciative of your support and participation in helping build the Character Clash tournament. The Owl Post has been busy round the clock delivering tangible gratitude in the form of letters, tokens, and dozens of other miscellaneous items.

(Rumor has it someone sent an assortment of 100 dozen cookies, which mysteriously vanished en route. The owls deny any such tale.)


If you want to nominate characters, there’s still time. The deadline is tomorrow night.

And while the realms, worlds, and galaxies simmer with anticipation and preparation, here are thoughts from a few characters as they prepare for the tournament.

Characters Discuss the Tournament


Do the fools truly think they withstand my cunning, my cleverness, my charisma? They are like fish in a pond, waiting to be struck by the lightning bolt of my greatness. None can stand before me. If I enter, I shall prevail!


Isn’t it grand? A world ripe with possibility. I’m going to make a splash that no one will forget. Hurrah for the time-traveling alien who eats fish fingers and custard!


And let’s admit it. Who else can pull off the awesomeness of a fez? Who else can rock the bow-ties so they’re cool? And Who else has a chance of defeating someone as dazzling as me?

Watch out, friends, the Doctor’s in town.


We all know I’m clearly the best suited. Generally awesome, all-around agreeable and encouraging. I know how to make friends, destroy enemies, and save worlds.

It’s in my blood. The other competitors are fine in their own right—don’t get me wrong. But a bit…underwhelming, if you know what I mean. Lacking that certain touch.

Especially that fellow who came after me. All rumble and roar and vigor, but could use some grounding in reality.


I have but one warning to give my fellow contestants: Fly, you fools!


I wish the others well, and that, despite the outcome they may suffer, that they will live long and prosper. However, I have calculated my odds of winning. Given my logic and superior thinking skills, as well as my immunity to random and detrimental emotions, I have an 86.451% chance of victory.



You know what I think? I think I learned about thermonuclear astrophysics overnight.

I think my tower is the coolest, hippest, most sparkling jewel in the crown of the NYC skyline.

I think I’m the only name in clean energy.

I think I’m the only eligible person here (because really who’s gonna let animals in on this even if they can talk better than the average modern adult?) to claim the title of Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist.

I think I’m the only person here with a ridiculously advanced piece of tech I can wear and take off and talk to and send on solo missions and use to blast bad guys into next April.

And I eat Gluten-free waffles, want to protect the world, and won’t back down from a fight.

Boom! Mic…drop.


I’m most honored and pleased, if I’m allowed to enter. Such a grand tournament with some of the most famousest characters. I haven’t much confidence I’ll get far. After all, I’m not a legendary wizard or warrior.

Just a farmer from the Shire trying to do what’s right.


The characters are prepared.

The first round begins on Monday.

Epicness awaits.

Who will you be rooting for when the tournament kicks off? I’d love to hear your thoughts here or on social media.


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