The Great Character Clash – Final

Many characters entered the Great Character Clash, hopes high and hearts confident (except Puddleglum).

Now only two remain.

Who will prove triumphant in this final battle and earn the title of Great Character Clash Champion?

Read on to see how the two matchups from the past week turned out.


Sam Gamgee defeats Aragorn

Sam’s indubitable pluck and heroism should come as no surprise after blazing a path into the fantasy final against Aragorn.

A king with the heart of a servant, and a servant with the gallantry of a king. In truth, who could ask for a better duel than that between Sam and Aragorn? Each a hero in his own right, each strong beyond measure in his own special way.

And yet, in the crucible of competition, Sam’s mettle proved unbreakable.


What more can be said about the humble hobbit who still blusters and blushes with each victory? This journey truly is a testament to his character and loveable hobbitish charm.

For even the great Ranger and king Aragorn couldn’t defeat him. In fact, it was barely a contest as Sam breezed into the final round of the tournament without breaking a sweat.

Afterward, Sam said, “Thank you kindly to everyone who’s cheered me on and helped me keep going. Don’t rightly know why. Gandalf’s the best wizard you could hope for, and Aragorn’s a king. Thank you all the same. I’ll try my hardest not to disappoint you all.”

Even in his loss, Aragorn had kind words. “No one is more deserving than Sam. He’s a hearty hobbit and a fine friend. I count it an honor to have suffered defeat at his hands. Best of luck, Samwise.”


Han Solo defeats Loki

Two types of rebels squared off in the final round of the sci-fi bracket. One could even say they were cut from the same cloth, yet they couldn’t be more different.

It began with taunts from Loki: Do you think you can conquer me, Solo? I am a demigod. I defeated Lord Vader. Tell me, what chance do you have?


Han: Never tell me the odds. Keep talking and I’ll blast you to the farthest corner of the galaxy.

Loki: Such amusement you provide, with your swagger and bravado. Come at me, Solo. I shall toy with you as a cat does with a mouse.

Han: You ever seen a mouse pilot the best ship this side of the galaxy?

Loki: Your words are little better than the wind, blustering here and there but carrying no weight.

Han: Do your ears ever get tired of hearing your mouth talk? Because mine are.

Loki: You mistake charisma for the grating blabber of an incompetent.

Han: No idea what you said, but pal, my patience is gone. You’re asking for it.

Loki: Asking for victory? How astute. But I need not ask for something guaranteed.

Han: There’s only one thing guaranteed, buddy. Your demise.

Han spoke true. Loki’s smooth words and boasting proved futile. Han ignored the odds and handily overwhelmed Loki and sailed (flew?) into the final.

Following his downfall, Loki was spotted heading in the direction of Stark Tower.


Final Round

And now we come to it. The great battle of the tournament. Han Solo vs. Sam Gamgee. Only one will emerge victorious.

The rules are the same. Voting runs through Friday, in the Facebook group or here in the comments if you’re not on FB.

Next Monday, I’ll announce the winner.

May the best man or hobbit prevail!

Who do you think will win the Character Clash tournament? I’d love to hear your thoughts here or on social media.


The Great Character Clash – Final — 8 Comments

  1. Hooray for Sam and Han!! Aragorn and Loki are definitely worthy competitors! I can’t wait to see who reigns victorious in the finale!! 😀

  2. I never knew that I wanted a conversation between Han Solo and Loki until this blog post.
    Now, who to choose?? My first love was Star Wars so I should go with Han… but Lord of the Rings is my favorite book and Sam is my favorite character so I should go with him… Hmmm… I think I have to go with… Han Solo.

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