Arbiter Blog Tour: Interview with Jamie Foley Plus a GIVEAWAY!

Today I have the pleasure of hosting YA author Jamie Foley as part of an awesome blog tour going on to celebrate the release of her second book, Arbiter.

There’s also a sweet giveaway, because prizes.

Also, I’m legit turning into a hobbit. Today’s my birthday (no laughing…I’m not anywhere close to Bilbo’s age), and to celebrate in true hobbit fashion, YOU get the gifts.

Thanks to Jamie’s generosity of course. See, isn’t she cool?

Last but not least, a fast-paced interview, because Jamie has a lot of fun thoughts stuff to share.

Let’s start with the giveaway. Because who doesn’t love to win things? It’s like Christmas, but in May.

All the Important Things


  • 3 winners receive $10 digital gift cards (to be delivered via email)
  • 5 winners receive a signed paperback of Viper (to be signed and shipped by Jamie no later than May 21)
  • 10 winners receive a digital book bundle of the entire Sentinel Trilogy for Kindle, .MOBI, and .PDF


Winners will be randomly selected by Jamie on May 14. Entrants will be subscribed to Jamie’s email newsletter, but can unsubscribe at any time.

Now here’s a bit more about Arbiter.

Blurb (isn’t that a fun word?):

Archangels return to Alani, creating a new generation of Serrans… for a price.

Jet Valinor can’t keep his secrets from Darien any longer. Sorvashti seeks revenge against her husband’s killer—a debt that can only be paid in blood.

The Lynx want their base back. The Serrans will fetch a good price for Zekk Sorrowsong, or make excellent slaves… if he can capture them before they’re betrayed from within.

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Now onward HO! to the interview.

A Chat with Jamie

It’s great to have you, Jamie. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Howdy! I’m a workaholic marketing specialist/webmaster/graphic artist/indie publisher/author. Apparently that’s a thing…?

I live in central Texas with my Irish cowboy husband, hyperactive toddler, and snuggle-bunny Australian Shepherd. We’re rabid gamers and unashamed nerds.

That’s quite the list and variety. Given all those interests, how did you get in to writing?

I knew I loved to create stories since childhood—apparently I won the “storyteller award” in second grade, but not sure if that was for lying. What? I never lie.

But I doubted myself so badly in high school—I was never good at English, and apparently I thought that was a requirement for being a good author. (This is why we have editors, right?) Thus my education and professional path of webmaster.

God had other plans. Even as I was working for a publisher (Thomas Nelson/HarperCollins), He bashed me on the head until I resigned and began full-time writing. It’s been hard work, but His blessings are undeniable, and I couldn’t be happier.

You write YA fantasy. What drew you to that genre?

Because that’s what I love to read! And because there was a lack of adventure/action/fantasy when I was growing up. Nowadays the YA section is full of stuff most sheltered kids aren’t allowed to read, and I want to fill that hole. My books are free of sex and cussing, but hopefully just as much fun as the mainstream epics.

That’s fantastic. Let’s turn to The Sentinel Trilogy. What inspired you to write it?

Oh, lots of things! Each country in the world of Alani is based on some collaboration of Earth cultures or locations I’ve visited and love, or historical time periods, or some awesome fantasy people from another work.

Valinor is loosely based upon the United Kingdom. The people of LaKota are inspired by Scottish clans, Native American tribes, and traditions of early Israel. The island of Malaan is similar in its customs to Imperial Japan. And the deadly forests of Katrosi weren’t fully settled until later in the world’s lifeline, making it similar to America in its melting pot of cultures.

I try to keep my world-building based in historical fact, but ooooh, how much fun it is to scheme!

Yes! Scheming for the win. Speaking of which, if you could choose one place to visit, real or fictional, where would you go?

Do I have to choose one?? Well… then it would probably be Narnia. Assuming that I couldn’t go back in time to ancient Earth. Or Rivendell. Or Kashyyyk… sorry.

I know, so hard to choose. So here’s another “choose one” question (hehehe mwahahaha). Which fictional book or movie character do you most relate to, and why?

Hmm, probably Starfire from Teen Titans. I’ve always felt a bit socially awkward—like I didn’t belong, but happy to be wherever I was and proud of my nerdy self. I love to have fun and delight in my friends, but make me angry and some planet’s gonna explode.

Last question. I think writers are stereotyped as people who run on sugar-and-milk-infused-caffeine (aka coffee). Or they have odd food addictions. What’s your go-to food or beverage while gallivanting through your created worlds?

Super boring answer… but I’m addicted to water. Yes, just plain, filtered water. But it must be in my Yeti, which must always be full. And preferably cold, but with no ice.

… I have issues.

Haha, water is my only choice, too. Thanks so much for stopping by, Jamie!

Author Bio

YA fantasy author Jamie Foley loves strategy games, home-grown berries, and Texas winters. She’s terrified of plot holes and red wasps.

Her husband is her manly cowboy astronaut muse. They live between Austin, TX and their family cattle ranch, where their hyperactive spawnling and wolfpack can run free.


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