If Lord of the Rings Characters had Modern Jobs

It’s always fun to imagine ourselves in a fictional world.

But it’s time to be deviously brilliant and flip the situation around. What if fictional characters were plopped down in the middle of our world? How would they react? Most important, what type of job would they be a good candidate for?

Time to single out some Lord of the Rings characters (because favorites always get much attention, duh), dress them up in suits, and release them into the job market.

What jobs would they end up with?

SAM GAMGEE: Landscaping expert with an emphasis in exotic gardening.

PIPPIN: Odd jobs here and there. Dish washer, waiter at local pub, burger flipper at McDonalds.

GIMLI: Professional food eating contestant. Also interested in usurping Guy Fieri’s role on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.


GANDALF: Uber driver. Because wizards are never late. They arrive precisely when they mean to, and that amounts to excellent customer service.

EOMER: Construction worker.

DENETHOR: High school principal. Unruly children beware.

ARAGORN: Secret service agent. Because looks and skillz. Plus, he could totally rock the suit-and-aviator-sunglasses style.


GALADRIEL: Professional voice actor for animated movies and audiobooks. Also host of the self-started With Age Comes Beauty podcast.

WORMTONGUE: Garbage collector.

ELROND: Ambassador for the United Nations.

BOROMIR: Architect working in Europe to design modern industrial buildings.

FRODO: Airline pilot.

THEODEN: CEO of a wind turbine manufacturing company.

SARUMAN: Politician. His deft cunning and smooth way with words provides a perfect fit.

EOWYN: A self-made entrepreneur who runs her own business making customized weapons. She specializes in bladed weaponry, chiefly swords and daggers.

FARAMIR: Operator of a Chick-fil-A franchise (as if he couldn’t get any cooler). His integrity, honesty, attention to detail, and care for those under him make him an ideal person for such a position.

MERRY: Rocket scientist, responsible for overseeing “controlled explosions” (aka rocket launches.

SAURON: Ophthalmologist. Cuz eyes.

GOLLUM: Commercial fisherman (fisherhobbit?) in Alaska.

TOM BOMBADIL: Environmental scientist.

ARWEN: Lead cellist with the London Symphony Orchestra.

LEGOLAS: Shampoo model, mainly for commercials and magazine ads. Hello perfect hair.



⇒ What other characters or jobs would you include?


If Lord of the Rings Characters had Modern Jobs — 4 Comments

  1. I literally love these all so much. They’re PERFECT! XD

    Sam would be a FABULOUS landscape expert! Gandalf as an Uber driver…*dies laughing* ARAGORN WORKING FOR THE SS!! YES! XD He could totally rock those aviators, though. 😉

    I died when I saw Sauron would be an ophthalmologist. XD Gollum would be a great fishermen, though I think some would question his methods…XD And Legolas, of course, would be a shampoo model, obviously.

    These are SO. FUN! 😀

    • Thanks! I had a great time writing it. Some of them were super easy (Legolas couldn’t have been anything else 😛 ), but some of them took more time. I was hoping the Sauron one would go over well. 😉

      Thanks for reading! 😀

  2. Aragorn the aviator-wearing secret service agent and his sidekick Gandalf the undercover Uber driver… I’d pay to see that movie.
    Sauron as an ophthalmologist, though. Hahaha!

    • Ohhhh YES! Take my money now. Call Peter Jackson. Start production. 😛

      Hehehe, it was the first thing that came to mind and was too perfect to pass up.

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