7 Fantasy Clichés that Need to Be a Thing in Real Life

Fantasy tales are filled with wonder, soaked in imagination, brimming with creativity.

They offer a blend of comforting familiarity and stirring otherness.

Most importantly, perhaps (step aside, dragons and princesses and knights in shining armor), fantasy offers some flat-out great ideas for real life.

As in, “Why isn’t that a thing? It totally should be a thing.”

If you’ve kept company with fantasy stories enough, you’re well aware of the clichés dominating the genre. In stories, they can become annoying. A fly buzzing against the window with inconsiderate determination to ruin your afternoon.

But what if those same clichés could become reality? Think about it. How useful would that be?

Following are seven of those fantasy clichés that really ought to be a thing in real life.

1. The nobody hero with a powerful destiny.

How could you pass this up? You’re the high-school wallflower, the dude who can’t find a job, the girl no one notices. Then BAM! Destiny (likely in the form of a gray-haired person sporting a beard) knocks on your door and your life is never the same.

Sometimes in not great ways, but mostly in fantastic ways.

You also reveal a startling ability to develop skills you never knew you had, get into the occasional tight spot (read: surrounded and nearing death), and become an overnight sensation.

Take that, Justin Bieber.


And as a side benefit, you become a hero/heroine, save everyone, probably win the heart of the person you love, and retire before you’re 20.

2. Dragons.

Perhaps not too guilty of the cliché trope—or else so awesome nobody really cares how redundant they are. Either way, it’s a proven fact the world needs dragons.

3. Villains seeking world domination.

Actually, no, thank you very much. That’s a cliché we could do without.

On second thought…if you think about it, the villains build elaborate plans and form massive armies, yet somehow manage to swing their sword (or scepter or magical staff of utmost power and destruction) and get three strikes.

Every. Single. Time.

Meaning they’d also make lousy baseball players.

Would also make a lousy baseball player…
Image via lotr.wikia.com

So maybe we do want cliché villains. The ones who seem to have the upper hand but can never win to save their lives (oftentimes literally).

4. Feasting and merriment.

Can anyone say hobbit party? Or a grand banquet in a majestic castle?

How about all that sumptuous food? All day every day. A level of feasting that outshines outfoods any all-you-can-eat buffet.

Not to say we modern folk can’t throw a smashing good feast. But it never quite compares to the mouth-watering fare talked of in fantasy tales.

And let’s admit it. A feast isn’t the same without scented candles; the vaulted ceiling of a medieval fortress; and a handful of elves, dwarves, and other sundry races to liven the atmosphere.

5. Immortality.

Whenever you trek the paths of fantasy, it seems impossible to escape the stray—or sometimes prominent—immortal character or race.

Immortality sounds ridiculously helpful. Think of all the things you could get done, the time you would have to pursue your hobbies and dreams and adventures. No more rush-rush-rush, go-go-go. Instead, you could relax, enjoy life a little.

No one has enough time these days. Immortality would be a game-changer.

6. Enchanted forests.

Talking trees. Mystery. A forest that may seek to do you harm.

Yes please.


Life would be so much spicier if you plopped down an enchanted forest into everyday happenings. Going to the local park and hiking in the mountains would become instantly more interesting.

7. Happily ever after endings.

Who else is down for this? A period of intense action and drama followed by a relatively simple life unhaunted by the past cares, dangers, and worries.

Picture it: a couple riding toward the setting sun, bathed in a halo of mellow light that suggests everything will be peaceful and right from this moment on. And because it’s a story, who are we to say otherwise?


Now that…that would be a useful reality.

A bit too heavily flavored with fairy-tale-not-in-touch-with-reality, but still. We can dream, right? 😉


⇒ Which of these clichés do you most wish would happen?

⇒ What clichés would you add to the list?


7 Fantasy Clichés that Need to Be a Thing in Real Life — 12 Comments

  1. Just imagine Sauron in a baseball cap! Hahaha!
    Anyway, yes. It would be nice to have dragons and happily ever afters (though I’m not so sure I’d want the “happily ever after” from The Princess Bride. At least, not the book version…). I would love an enchanted forest in my backyard, too.

  2. Yes and yes! 😀 Also, that Thranduil picture!! XD

    And who says happy endings can’t be real? 😉 A favorite Diana Wynne Jones quote from a book, paraphrased “why should something be truer just because it’s unhappy?” 😀

    Awesome post, as per usual! ^_^

  3. YES TO ALL OF THESE! Well, maybe not villains bent on world domination… XD If I could add something to this list, it would probably be talking animals. It would make life so much more interesting. 😀

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