Nomination Week for the Silmarillion Awards

Nominations for the Silmarillion Awards are now open!

*insert much confetti, trumpet fanfare, quadruple-layer chocolate mousse cake, and butterbeer*

I’m sure you’re knocking against the castle gate, ready to get this party rolling.

*throws gate wide and waves the eager masses in*



I have the privilege of hosting the Most Faithful Friend Silmaril. You know your morning (or afternoon or evening or all the above) cup of coffee? The blessing that keeps you going and makes your day possible?

Such is the esteem, honor, and love befitting a character nominated for this award.

A character whose loyalty to the hero is unbending as iron, whose faithfulness has stood the test and proven worthy.

One whose devotion is as steadfast as yours is to your beloved caffeinated beverage.

One who stands firm and true when the winds of fate change and the hero has nowhere else to turn.

This award will be presented by the famous gardener, the bestest of hobbits, the true epitome of a loyal friend…Samwise Gamgee.



⇒ You can nominate as many characters for each award as you want, and be sure to mention which book the character is from.

⇒ You can second as many characters as you want.

⇒ Post all nominations and seconds in the comments below.

⇒ You can’t nominate and then second your own recommendations—aka one vote per character.

⇒ If you’re an author, we’d love to have you participate! Just be aware you’re not allowed to nominate or second any of YOUR OWN characters. Other than that, you’re welcome to nominate other characters and let your readers know about the awards so they can nominate all your awesome imaginary friends (or enemies, mwahahaha) for various awards.

⇒ Fantasy characters only. So someone like Katniss Everdeen can’t be nominated since she’s from the Dystopian side of the tracks.


⇒ Last year’s winners are ineligible for being nominated for this year’s awards. For this award, Reepicheep had the honor last year.

⇒ Tolkien characters are the STANDARD for these awards, and are therefore also ineligible for winning. For this award, that means Sam can’t be nominated.

⇒ Nominations run through this Friday (July 7).

⇒ The official hashtag (because coolness) is #SilmAwards2017.


The Silmarillion Awards are moving up this year, my fantasy friends. 😉

You can buy mugs and t-shirts, and proceeds will go to cover costs of prizes for this year and/or next year’s Silmarillion Awards.


Here’s mine… *gasp Mistborn gasp*

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Just so you know, I’m suuuuper jealous I can’t win this. Cuz Mistborn is uh-maz-ing.

If you know anyone who’d love to join the fun, invite them! A chance to geek out about your fave fantasy characters and maybe win some prizes? Talk about a win-win. 😉

Finally, be sure to check out all the other bloggers and the awards they’re hosting:

Let the nominating begin!

And may the odds be ever in your favorite characters’ favor.


Nomination Week for the Silmarillion Awards — 135 Comments

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  4. Okay, first I just have to say that this is my favorite award. You know, because Samwise.

    I’d like to nominate Gurgi from The Chronicles of Prydain.

    Seriously, when you cross a man and a dog how can you not get the most faithful friend?

  5. This is hard, so many good and worthy characters. But I have a nomination that I think you will appreciate.

    I nominate Wayne. Wax’s best friend from The Alloy of Law. He is loyal and competent and also great comic relief.

  6. I nominate Wilhelmina Klug from The Bright Empires series, Iko from The Lunar Chronicles, and Imraldera from The Tales of Goldstone Wood. 🙂

  7. (Poor Katniss gif. O_O I kind of feel sorry for her now! XD )

    I nominate Rose Red, from Veiled Rose by Anne Elisabeth Stengl. 🙂

  8. I nominate Jericho Carver and Auric Spellsmith from “Spellsmith and Carver: Magicians’ Rivalry” by H.L. Burke! They are great loyal friends! ^_^

    I also nominate Zad from Halayda by Sarah Delena White. He’s, like, the best friend ever, plus he’s a shape-shifting fairy/pooka/horse and is snarky and loyal and the best. XD

    • I will also second Butler. Some might call the Artemis books sci fi because of the tech. But is has fairies for crying out loud.

  9. I nominate Trumpkin the Dwarf from Narnia, and Juniper from the Mistmantle chronicles. I also second Rose Red and Gurgi.

  10. I nominate:

    -Walter Foley from Dragons in Our Midst/Oracles of Fire/Children of the Bard by Bryan Davis
    -Acacia from the same series by Bryan Davis
    -Cass from Bright Empires by Stephen R. Lawhead
    -the Ale Boy from the Auralia Thread by Jeffrey Overstreet

  11. I nominate Beth and Jireo from “Alora: The Wander Jewel” by Tamie Dearen. The heroine Alora and hero Kaevin each have an amazing best friend in Beth and Jireo who stands beside them through thick and thin.

    I also nominate Flicker from Dragonfriend by Marc Secchia. This little dragonette’s loyalty to Hualiama is unwavering once he rescues and befriends her.

  12. I nominate Yole in King’s Warrior, by Jenelle Schmidt. Yole’s faithfulness as a friend only grows more deeply throughout this series!

  13. I nominate Flicker from Dragonfriend by Marc Secchia. He might be a bit full of himself and a little impish, but he is also loyal and true.

    I nominate Brick from Beggar Magic

    I nominate Eben from The Firethorn Crown

  14. I second Iko.

    I nominate…
    Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride.
    Hermione from Harry Potter.
    Ron from Harry Potter.
    And Tobias from The Ascendance Trilogy (I think he’s the one I’m thinking of?? I need to re-read this series!).

  15. OH OH! I nominate Calcifer from Howl’s Moving Castle! Even though he was bound to help Howl, he came back voluntarily after the bond was broken.

  16. I nominate Sylphrena from the Stormlight Archive,
    TenSoon from Mistborn, (I don’t know if he technically counts, but he was one of my favorite aspects of the series.)
    and Sazed from Mistborn.

    Idk if the Rick Riordan books count,
    but I also nominate Grover Underwood from Percy Jackson, and
    Samirah Al-Abbas and Hearthstone from Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard.

    I know this is a lot but I just couldn’t decide!
    They’re all such amazing characters!

  17. I nominate
    – Janner Igiby from Andrew Peterson’s “The Wingfeather Saga”.
    – Artham P. Wingfeather from Peterson’s “The Wingfeather Saga”.
    – The team of Mallick and Nock from Wayne Thomas Batson’s “The Door Within”.
    – Jett Green/Lord Hamandar Nightwing from Batson and Hopper’s “The Berinfell Prophecies”.
    – Tommy Bowman/Lord Felheart Silvertree from Batson and Hopper’s “The Berinfell Prophecies”.
    – The team of Albany and Brooklyn York from C. B. Cook’s “Twinepathy”.

  18. I thought of a bunch of my favorite friends!

    I nominate…

    Lockwood from Illusionarium (does that count? Illusionarium is kind of steampunk, but it has a sort of magic in it…?)

    Kyran from The Word Changers

    Britta from Princess Academy

    Enna from the Books of Bayern

    Gianni/Brother Lazarus from The Bright Empire series

    and Peony from the Lunar Chronicles. 🙂

  19. I nominate Janner from The Wingfeather Saga by Andrew Peterson, and Toli from In the Hall of the Dragon King.

  20. Seconding:
    Childermass from Jonathan Strange
    Walter from Dragons in Our Midst
    Cass from Bright Empires
    Brick from Beggar Magic
    Eben from The Firethorn Crown
    LOCKWOOD!! (If he counts. XD)
    Kyran from Word Changers

    I also nominate Etzel a.k.a. Engelbert Stiffelbeam from The Bright Empires series by Lawhead. 🙂

  21. I nominate Meeyoo, the faithful feline sidekick who on more than one occasion risks her life to rescue her human in The Bewildering Adventures of King Bewilliam literary fantasy series.

  22. I nominate Ash the greyhound from Deerskin by Robin Mckinley and Sir Road from Peter Nimble and his Incredible Eyes. Oh, and also Oskar what’s his face from the wingfeather saga.

  23. Oh, I second Artham, Janner, and Oskar N. Reteep! And I nominate…
    Puddleglum the Marshwiggle
    Mr. Tumnus (Narnia)
    Remus Lupin (Harry Potter)
    Ruff the Dog (Swan Knight’s Son)

  24. I nominate:

    – Halcyon and Salazar from Paper Crowns by Mirriam Neal! (I can’t stop nominating them for allllll the categories because they are THE BESTEST.)
    – Burndee from The Reluctant Godfather by Allison Tebo

  25. Seconding Yole and Gianni/Brother Lazarus.

    (Hopefully it’s not too late… It’s not midnight here in Central time yet! XD)

    This Friend thread is so much fun, my goodness. So many good ones! 🙂

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