Book Lovers Rejoice—It’s National Buy a Book Day

What could be better than a holiday dedicated to books?

Correct answer: nothing.

Okay, maybe it’s not *technically* a holiday. We can ignore that fact in favor of celebrating one of the greatest things in the world…those lovely tomes of crisp pages, filled with tiny black symbols. Vehicles of magic that manage to capture our imaginations, transport us to far-off lands, and take us on unforgettable journeys.

Poetic ramblings aside (they’re fine in small doses, like Lembas bread), let’s talk about today. And why it’s amazing. And what we book lovers will do in honor of NBaBD (props to author extraordinaire Nadine Brandes for this clever abbreviation).

I legit didn’t know this was a thing until reading Nadine’s lovely post yesterday. My life has been changed. My bank account, on the other hand, trembles in trepidation. An entire day for buying books?


O the joy.

O the possibilities.

O the temptation.

Ahem, returning to reality (it must always be this way, Sam), NBaBD is here. And that means BOOKS, BOOKS EVERYWHERE!

The Book Lovers Guide to Enjoying National Buy A Book Day

Step 1: Get lost for a few hours in your favorite bookstore.

I would say all day, but responsibilities and adulting. Life is hard sometimes, isn’t it? Still, a few hours are time well spent. And if you can’t swing heading to a bookstore, spend some time wandering the labyrinth of online options.

Step 2: Decide which fortunate bundle of joy to select as your prize for the day.

This part is vital. As vital as taking Gandalf on a quest with you. What honored piece of literary excellence will have the privilege of traveling home with you?

Step 3: Disregard Step 2 and buy ALL the books.

Okay, probably not *all* unless you’re super rich like an awesome real-life version of Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne combined. In which case I’m sending a certain hobbitish burglar to swipe some of that moolah so I can buy ALL the books. You’ve been warned. 😉


If, like me, you have neither the resources nor monetary comfort of Tony and Bruce, one book will do just fine. Just make sure it’s the perfect choice. See Step 2.

Step 4: Try to avoid spending all your money.



Step 5: Talk about books with your friends, your family, random strangers in the elevator.

If you ever needed an excuse to gush forth in praise of your favorite tales, why not today? Maybe you’ll make a new friend. At the very least, you’ll get to exhibit your bookish passion without feeling awkward.

And those random strangers? They’ll thank you for sharing your genuine bookworm love.

Step 6: Exchange favorite books with friends.

Excited to get my hands on this beauty.

Ask people what their top book recommendations are and be generous with your suggestions. Aka spread the bookish love. Not only does it help authors gain more readers, it’s a fantabulous way to be introduced to new reading material.

TBR pile beware. 😛

Step 7 (optional): Post a pic of your new beauty on social media.

Because beautiful covers. And reasons. Again, books deserve heaps and heaps of attention. Forget celebrities and politicians and Hollywood stars. Social media would be a better place if flooded with dozens, hundreds, thousands of gorgeous bookish pics.

So let’s PAR-TAY!

Bookish Confessions with Zachary

Now we come to the part of the post where Zac comes out and makes a confession about his relationship with books.

I only learned about NBaBD yesterday, so…I’ve never officially participated before.

And honestly, given the length of my TBR pile, I may not take part in the book buying festivities. Seriously guys, I’m convinced my TBR trying to build a path to the moon. I’m hesitant to add another rebel to the situation. It’ll only increase the chaos.

So…I may not buy a book today.

BUT, before you make me walk the plank for committing book lover’s heresy, there are some contenders high on my list that by hook or by crook, I WILL BUY EVENTUALLY. Such as:

  • Oathbringer. November come quickly.
  • Arcanum Unbounded. I saw this in a bookstore recently and nearly died of geeky joy and a deep longing to immerse myself in the brilliant magnificence that is Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere.

For now, I must be content with gazing longingly at Sanderson’s books from afar while wading through my TBR. And cheering you on in your NBaBD pursuits.


⇒ How are you planning to observe National Buy A Book Day?

⇒ What’s one book or series you would recommend reading (because you know, planning for the future 😉 )?


Book Lovers Rejoice—It’s National Buy a Book Day — 12 Comments

  1. I unfortunately JUST went on a book-buying spree last week or so, whiiich means I likely won’t be either. XD But I love that such a day exists, and your post is hilarious. :DDD

    And for book recommendations (because obviously you need more in your TBR. XD #thestruggleisreal) I’d recommend fellow SilmAwards blogger Kyle Shultz’s The Beast of Talesend, and Blood Ties by Hazel B. West. *nods*


    • Oh that’s sad, but a good sort of sad. Because you basically celebrated early. 😉

      Thanks for the suggestions, and glad you found the post enjoyable! 😀

      Hehehehe *sly grin* It was too perfect to pass up. 😛

  2. Arcanum Unbounded is so good–beautiful inside and out. <3 That was my birthday present to myself last November and this November is going to be Oathbringer. I love having grandparents who give me Amazon gift cards on my birthdays. *much bouncing*

  3. I decided to buy the paperback of White Wolf and the Ash Princess… I got the free kindle version, but… don’t like reading on my computer… so NBaBD was exactly what I needed for an excuse to get the paperback so I can read along with the FoF book club!

    Hmmm… I can only recommend ONE book or series? *thumbs through mental card catalogue*

    Well, today, I’d recommend Marc Secchia’s Dragonfriend.

    • I’m not familiar with that book. Who’s it by?

      Haha, I guess there’s no law against recommending as many as you want. 😉

      Cool. I’ve heard of the author but not the book (or is it a series?)

  4. Sigh. Unfortunately, I need all of my money for food, so I didn’t participate either. (Actually, I’m slightly impressed with myself… I went into two bookstores over the weekend and didn’t buy ANYTHING.)

    • Well…quite possibly one of the few things in the world more important than books is food. So that’s forgiveable. 😉

      WOW. Super impressive! 😮

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