Blog Changes Coming…Because Life Is Crazier Than Running Around Middle-Earth With a Magical Ring

In the famous words of Bilbo Baggins:


I don’t think Bilbo knew what CAPS LOCK was, but you get the idea. Important things have been loaded into the torpedo tube and are about to burst out.

Basically, it comes down to this…


In case you didn’t understand that complex Klingon phrase, it means life is crazy what am I doing I feel like a headless chicken because all the things. The end.


Blog Changes Because Life Is Complicated and Busy

You may have noticed a change over the past weeks and months. Mainly consisting of skipped posts on days when I’m supposed to do them.


The reason? See Klingon phrase. Exactly 2.683 thousand things (is that even a number? 😛 ) run amok in my life, my brain, my supercharged JARVIS encrypted computer. Every day. Mostly.

There’s also the random orc to deal with.

Which brings me back to my caper as Bilbo. Said announcement isn’t that I’m running away to Rivendell, there to grow old and compose poetry and finish my book. Though that last one sounds pretty grand.

I mentioned change is in the air. What does that mean? Two things.

1. A new posting schedule.

Confession time: I feel terrible about missing posts.


At the same time, it’s getting hard to keep up. So, starting this week, here’s the new schedule:

  • A never-before-seen, exciting post every Monday morning. Today, this beauty you’re currently reading. Wait, you *are* reading it, right? 😉
  • A “Throwback Thursday” post every other week. On, you guessed it…Thursday.

This will help me help you. It’s not fair for you to expect posts and then…silence. I want to fix that, and that’s the goal of this new schedule. There’s also a second, just-as-important-if-not-more-so goal.

2. More time for other writing activities.

Meaning stories.


Why just hopefully? Because reasons (see Klingon phrase).

I want to start carving out time to return to my happy place. Not only because it makes me happy, but because I want to start sharing more stories with you. I have a list of ideas longer than a line to meet Stan Lee at comic con. And it’s high time I started letting you in on all the secrets.


So prepare for that, and feel free to mercilessly pester me about sharing said secrets. Like Bilbo, sometimes I need some—ahem—prodding to get me moving on the next adventure.

And if you have any ideas or are just like, “Dude you need to write this story because it’s awesome and cool,” I’d love to hear about it!

In the meantime, if you want to get in on some of the already-told secrets, feel free to check out some of my stories here.

Further Up and Further In

Apparently I’ve become Bilbo in The Last Battle. See? Lewis and Tolkien were in cahoots this whole time. Whodda thunk? 😮

Erm…moving on. One final thing.


For reading.

For commenting.

For encouraging.

For following my blog.

For actually liking what I write.

It makes all the work and spam comments worth it. Although let’s be honest. A lot of spam comments are worth it anyway. 😉

And now, in the fitting last words of Bilbo (paraphrased because, well, I can and it fits better):

~~~ LET’S TALK ~~~

⇒ What kinds of posts do you most enjoy and want to see more of?

⇒ Do you have any cool, fun blog or story ideas you want me to tackle?


Blog Changes Coming…Because Life Is Crazier Than Running Around Middle-Earth With a Magical Ring — 6 Comments

  1. Sounds good. I really enjoyed that story you did awhile back (the prison break/time travel story) so I’m looking forward to more. Honestly, all you bloggers that keep any sort of schedule get mad respect. My own blog is quite spastic in posts. 😉

    • So glad you enjoyed it! 😀

      As for the schedule, well…it’s mainly to keep me accountable to actually be consistent. LOL

  2. Oooh, shiny new schedules and more time for writing! Sounds awesome.

    I never tell anyone what my posting schedule will be… because it inevitably means that on the very next promised posting date I will come down with the plague, or need to unexpectedly help a friend, or the internet will experience a catastrophic failure, or THE WORLD WILL END… okay, that last one hasn’t happened yet… but it COULD… and, like you, I dislike missing posts when I promised them… even if I have a legitimate excuse. 🙂

    • Yup yup! 😀

      Mmm yes, the struggle is real. Especially that last one. 😉 I mainly use a schedule for accountability–for myself. Worked pretty well until this year. 😮

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