Announcing the Second Annual Silmarillion Awards

Have you ever wished there were Oscar awards for fantasy novels? Oh, you have? How convenient, because I’m thrilled (or insert other happy-sounding adjective) to announce the second annual Silmarillion Awards. Basically, the Oscars for fantasy. Pretty sure the Internet’s … Continue reading

Announcing the Winner of The Great Character Clash

The time has arrived to crown a victor. For five weeks characters from sci-fi and fantasy have battled, each hoping to reach this moment, this pinnacle of triumph. A trumpet fanfare blasts into the crisp air, as the contestants and … Continue reading

Vote for Spec-Fic Characters

The presidential election approaches swifter than a Nazgul. And like a Nazgul, it has brought much dread to citizens far and wide. Warning: this is a political post. Further reading may cause extreme bouts of depression, anger, and/or cynicism. Then … Continue reading