Blog Changes Coming…Because Life Is Crazier Than Running Around Middle-Earth With a Magical Ring

In the famous words of Bilbo Baggins: I WISH TO MAKE AN ANNOUNCEMENT! I don’t think Bilbo knew what CAPS LOCK was, but you get the idea. Important things have been loaded into the torpedo tube and are about to … Continue reading

Announcing the Second Annual Silmarillion Awards

Have you ever wished there were Oscar awards for fantasy novels? Oh, you have? How convenient, because I’m thrilled (or insert other happy-sounding adjective) to announce the second annual Silmarillion Awards. Basically, the Oscars for fantasy. Pretty sure the Internet’s … Continue reading

Announcing the Winner of The Great Character Clash

The time has arrived to crown a victor. For five weeks characters from sci-fi and fantasy have battled, each hoping to reach this moment, this pinnacle of triumph. A trumpet fanfare blasts into the crisp air, as the contestants and … Continue reading

Vote for Spec-Fic Characters

The presidential election approaches swifter than a Nazgul. And like a Nazgul, it has brought much dread to citizens far and wide. Warning: this is a political post. Further reading may cause extreme bouts of depression, anger, and/or cynicism. Then … Continue reading