Throwback Thursday: Avengers Shakespeare in the Park

Avengers Shakespeare in the Park

A romp in the park with an Avengers Shakespeare play? What could possibly go wrong? Check out today’s Throwback Thursday post to find out. Avengers Shakespeare…Because Tony Stark Started It In a remote forest, at the time of day when … Continue reading

What Fantasy and Sci-fi Characters want for Christmas

“What do you want for Christmas?” A question we’re thoroughly acquainted with hearing and asking this time of year. In today’s The 12 Days of Christmas post, time to let fantasy and sci-fi characters in on the fun. We take … Continue reading

Pop Culture Q&A with Captain America

You know you’re important when you’re named after a country. I mean, who else can say that? “Hi, I’m Mr. England, the dapper and fabulous fellow from across the pond.” (Uh, well, maybe not *quite* like that.) In any case, … Continue reading

Pop Culture Q&A with Tony Stark

Not many people can claim to have out-of-this-world type personalities. But today’s guest post for Pop Culture Q&A certainly has one. Literally. He goes by several names, all of which are well known among the general populace. His penchant for … Continue reading

Spoiler-Free Review of Civil War: A Fan’s Paradise

Where do I begin? I’m afraid that any attempts I make will be inadequate to express the sheer awesomeness that was Civil War. It seems impossible to bring together the chaos of emotions, thoughts, and reactions into an articulate review. I’d … Continue reading

DC vs. Marvel: Storylines

It’s time for another DC vs. Marvel post. Taking the stage today, we have storylines, aka what happens and why it’s entertaining. But first, let us have a moment of deep reflection as we remember that tomorrow marks a fateful … Continue reading