What’s in Your TBR Pile? (Time to Confess How Enormous it Is)

Once upon a time, the TBR (to-be-read) pile didn’t exist. It was but a glimmer of future hope, joy, and anguish in the lives of bookworms everywhere. Now it has come, bringing doom and chaos and exhilarating happiness. Because books. … Continue reading

Magic and Alchemy: Inside the World of Halayda – Guest Post by Sarah Delena White

Today I’m happy to host Sarah Delena White for a guest post. Her debut novel Halayda releases today. Be sure to check out all the info below. First, Sarah’s going to play tour guide and show us around the world of Halayda. … Continue reading

Book Summaries In Ten Sentences

If you’re a bookworm, you have a Deathstar-sized problem on your hand. A problem that claws at your book-loving soul. So many books. So little time to read them. Seriously, the TBR (for the uninitiated, that means to-be-read) pile multiplies … Continue reading