The Spec-fic Genres Discuss New Year’s Resolutions

The chaotic rush of the holiday season has passed. Life has turned the page into the next chapter, a new year. The spec-fic genres—fantasy, space opera, superhero, dystopian, and steampunk—are back, this time discussing the year ahead, and their resolutions … Continue reading

If the Spec-fic Genres Talked Politics

November is fast approaching, and across the galaxy, it seems impossible to escape from the inundation of politics. Hither and yon the conversations spread—like a pack of orcs at times. Which candidate is more qualified? What scandal will pop up … Continue reading

If the Spec-fic Genres Got Together for Dinner

Tonight, five guests have gathered at the rambling Book and Story manor house for the annual Genre Dinner. This evening, spec-fic is represented in all its—ahem—glory, thanks to steampunk, fantasy, dystopian, superhero (Super), and space opera (SO). The winsome grandfather … Continue reading