The Skyriders Series

The Skyriders Series

What if a civilization existed above the clouds?

What if a princess became an outcast because of a special ability to sense danger?

What if there was a plant that when burned put people into a sort of suspended animation? For years.

Those are some of the driving questions behind the four books in the Skyriders Series. They’re a cross between Sword & Sorcery and High Fantasy. Besides the main books, I’m considering writing a standalone novel and novella dealing with some backstory key to the main series. I might even have a couple short stories up my sleeve. 🙂

What are skyriders, you may ask? Unfortunately, there’s not a definition in any dictionary, so here’s mine:

Skyrider n. Any person who has become initiated into the Order of the Skyriders, the most powerful group of warriors in the sky-realm of Azurin.

About the books

Book 1 – A Warrior’s Heart

Summary: A young man training to join a legendary order of warriors learns of a secret plot to destroy the order. To defeat the enemy, he must overcome a deep fear that began with his father’s death six years ago.

Status: editing

Book 2 – The Year of Reckoning

Summary: When an army appears to conquer Kadriath and Azurin at the bidding of their gods, a budding warrior and an outcast who used to be a princess must fight the coming danger while wrestling with fears that present an even greater challenge.

Status: first draft written

Book 3 – The Lifestone (tentative title)

Summary: In the wake of the blackhearts’ conquest, everything has changed. Elior and Alya must find allies and wage a new type of battle, but winning could bring dire consequences.

Status: outlining

Book 4 – Shadows of Ruin (tentative title)

Summary: I don’t want to give everything away. 😉

Status: outlining


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    • Sweet. I haven’t done much with them lately, but I’m planning on changing that in the near future. I’ll keep you updated. 🙂

  2. Oh! Sounds cool! Love the name Azurin. I actually have an elf named Azuryn in the third trilogy set in Nälu. It’s in rough draft, so that might change!

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