Throwback Thursday: Avengers Shakespeare in the Park

Avengers Shakespeare in the Park

A romp in the park with an Avengers Shakespeare play? What could possibly go wrong? Check out today’s Throwback Thursday post to find out. Avengers Shakespeare…Because Tony Stark Started It In a remote forest, at the time of day when … Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Modern Heroes – A World of Abs and Biceps

Time for nostalgia with another Throwback Thursday post. In which I bemoan the abundance of muscular modern heroes. Note: Edited slightly because ya know. I wasn’t that great back then. 😛 ♦♦♦ Not all heroes are created equal. Except, in … Continue reading

Blog Changes Coming…Because Life Is Crazier Than Running Around Middle-Earth With a Magical Ring

In the famous words of Bilbo Baggins: I WISH TO MAKE AN ANNOUNCEMENT! I don’t think Bilbo knew what CAPS LOCK was, but you get the idea. Important things have been loaded into the torpedo tube and are about to … Continue reading