The Great Character Clash – Quarterfinals

The Character Clash tournament is heating up. Round 2 was a veritable galaxy of matchups that blazed brighter than a thousand stars. Some characters clearly emerged as top contenders, while others found themselves engaged in a life-or-death fray. (Hunger Games, … Continue reading

The Great Character Clash – Round 2

The clash has begun. The sparks of competition flash in the arena. Those deemed worthy have moved on to Round 2. The updated brackets promise more heart-rending decisions and the meeting of many worthy opponents. Now for the matchup summaries. … Continue reading

The Great Character Clash – Round 1

The first day of The Great Character Clash dawns bright. From across realms and galaxies they have gathered. The few, the chosen. A silent world greets them, holding its breath in anticipation. One question now remains: Who will reign supreme? … Continue reading

The Spec-fic Genres Discuss New Year’s Resolutions

The chaotic rush of the holiday season has passed. Life has turned the page into the next chapter, a new year. The spec-fic genres—fantasy, space opera, superhero, dystopian, and steampunk—are back, this time discussing the year ahead, and their resolutions … Continue reading

Fantasy and Sci-fi Characters Make New Year’s Resolutions

A new year has dawned, bright with possibility and brimming with potential. Whether you hate them, love them, think they’re stupid, New Year’s resolutions lurk around every corner. The new year offers us a platter heaped with a serving of … Continue reading