30 Superpowers That Would Make Life Better

Let’s talk about superpowers.

But these aren’t your grandparents’ superpowers that allow you to do amazing things and run around saving the girl, the city, and the day. I’m sure if you’re a geek, you’ve considered what sort of superpowers you’d love to have.

girl with superpowerIn this post, I want to do something different and fun. Let’s put aside the regular choices such as mind control, telekinesis, telepathy, fire, speed, electricity, and all those other cool powers we see on flashy display in movies and TV shows.

Instead, how about a list of 30 unique, maybe humorous superpowers that would make regular life better?

Ready? Let’s go.

  1. Eating as much chocolate as you wanted without feeling sick or becoming lactose intolerant.
  2. Forgetting things at will. Useful when you read an outstanding book and want to experience the first-time thrill again.
  3. Using the TV remote to mute annoying people…in real life.
  4. Unseeing every post on social media that drives you crazy.
  5. Being in multiples places at the same time.
  6. Shutting out the voices of certain people while hearing others.
  7. Burning calories by sitting down.
  8. Staying hungry for 24 hours straight on certain days, such as Thanksgiving.
  9. Blinking to wash the dishes. So. Much. Yes. 😉
  10. Being immune to colds and allergies.
  11. Turning pencil graphite into gold…so you have money to buy more books. Obviously.
  12. Mastering any skill in a month.
  13. Doing math. 😛 (Hey, I’m a writer. What can I say?)
  14. Remembering your favorite quotes from every movie and book.
  15. Drinking coffee without the jittery caffeine rush.
  16. Literally entering into stories while you read them.
  17. Thinking words onto paper instead of writing them down.
  18. Detecting whether politicians are lying or telling the truth.
  19. Converting laughter to electricity so you can charge your phone wherever you are.
  20. Hearing every news report in Morgan Freeman’s voice.
  21. Jumping over your house. Because that would totally make life better.
  22. Transforming all the junk crowding your house into renewable energy.
  23. Instinctively detecting the location of every item you own, so nothing is ever lost.
  24. Playing musical notes when you tap your fingers on a piece of furniture.
  25. Seeing what’s behind you while looking forward—without a mirror, of course.
  26. Turning on music in your head when people start complaining to you.
  27. Mentally turning traffic lights green when you’re in a rush to get somewhere.
  28. Having your favorite book permeate your dreams at will.
  29. Snapping your fingers to do your taxes.
  30. Reading at super speed. Your TBR pile would thank you. Imagine how many books you could blaze through every week.

Which of these would you most want to have? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


30 Superpowers That Would Make Life Better — 10 Comments

  1. Music notes when you tap your fingers would be Amazing!!!
    Also the News in Morgan Freeman’s voice and turning laughter into electricity would be wicked!!!
    All of them are awesome though!

    • Imagine all the fun things you could do with the music. No need to have an instrument all the time, which would be awesome.

      Thanks. Glad you enjoyed them, Kory. 😀

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