Taking Characters Out for Coffee

An idea popped into my head the other day as I was driving home. Most of us have been asked the following question: “If you could pick three people to have dinner with, who would you choose?”

That’s always a fun game to play. Being the geek I am, my (non-caffeinated) brain naturally thought, “What if I could take out ten different characters to coffee? Who would I choose? What would we talk about?”


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And voilà, today’s post, begging me to write it.

In an unintended stroke of genius—don’t you love it when that happens?—this actually ties into a series of posts I’ve been planning to start. Check back on Thursday for the first one. I’ll give one hint about the topic…

It involves Q&A sessions.

Characters, Coffee, and Conversation

Getting back on track, here are ten characters I would take out for coffee and a glimpse into the conversations we would have.

1. Gandalf

This may sound strange, but near the end of Return of the King, he tells the hobbits he’s going to have a long talk with Bombadil—he made it out to be quite the epic conversation. I’ve always wondered what they discussed. That’s what I would ask him.

Also, I’d want to know if “Fly you fools” was actually a cryptic way of telling the Fellowship to ride the eagles to Mordor.

2. Barry Allen

I like Barry because he’s near my age (in the TV show anyway) and seems like a fun, chill guy to hang out with. We could find plenty of things to talk about. I’d ask him about his ordinary life and his superhero life, and how he balances the two. I would want to know how long it takes him to do the chores and if he’s ever tried to mow the grass at super-speed.

Barry Allen GIFPlus, it would be fun to see how many of Starbucks Venti’s (yes, I know what that word means) he could guzzle.

3. Kaladin

This dude is amazing. If you haven’t meet him in Way of Kings, put that on the top of your reading list. Picturing the suffering he endured as a bridgeman makes me shake my head and wonder how he survived. I would ask how he persisted despite the overwhelming odds, and how he views his life in light of the hardships he went through.

4. Captain America

Of course, I’d wear one of my Captain A tanks for this particular outing. I would ask Cap two things. First, what it was like when he crashed into the ice. That would be an intriguing story. Second, if he really could have lifted Thor’s hammer but chose not to because his sense of honor wouldn’t let him embarrass his friend.

5. Sauron

Okay, okay, I know this isn’t a normal choice, but I’d find it fascinating to hear his perspective on the War of the Ring, his enemies, and the tactics used against him. I would want to know his thought process when Frodo claimed the Ring, and later when it finally melted in the Crack of Doom and brought his downfall.

Which is strange, since I’d be taking him out to coffee…

6. Peeta

I don’t bake bread, but I relate to Peeta in a lot of ways. I think we’d get along fabulously. If he was willing to share, I’d ask about his time in the Capitol. What he learned through that experience and how he recovered.

7. Samwise

Image from lotr.wikia.com

Image from lotr.wikia.com

This one goes without saying. However, neat as it would be to listen for hours about the quest to Mordor, I’d rather probe into his life after those famous words, “Well, I’m back.” How did he manage without Frodo? How did the things he’d seen on his journey impact his life? What was it like to be a father and the mayor of Hobbiton?

8. Parvin Blackwater

Parvin is one of the toughest characters I’ve encountered. Her dedication to helping people is admirable, as is her unwavering determination to do the right thing. She’s been so many places and experienced wide range of trials and triumphs life has to offer. I would just sit and listen to her describe her journeys.

9. Hoid

The enigma character from Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere. He’s an endlessly fascinating mystery, a character whose tales you could listen to for a year and never become bored. I’d ask him about his identity, his plans, the places he’s seen, and most importantly, the secrets he knows.

10. The Tenth Doctor (with Amy and Rory, because you really can’t split the three of them up)

EDIT: I actually meant Eleven. Don’t know where that mental hiccup came from, but I’m not going crazy. I promise. 😉

No, I didn’t pick Ten because this is number ten on my list. He happens to be my favorite. Collectively, I would ask the three what their favorite adventure together was.

Individually, I’d ask Rory about his experience as the centurion, waiting for Amy. I’d want to know what was going through Amy’s mind during that final scene of Angels Take Manhattan. And to the Doctor, I’d pose this question: “What’s the best place in time and space to find storytelling inspiration?”

AANNDD, surprise. A bonus character. Because I remembered her just as I filled out my list.

11. Shallan

Her sarcastic humor never ceases to amuse me, and she has one of the most compelling backstories I’ve come across. I would ask her about that, as well as her adventures across Roshar. Maybe I’d even pay for her to draw a couple portraits for me.

Which characters would you take out to coffee? What would you talk about? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Taking Characters Out for Coffee — 2 Comments

  1. I love this list. Though, choosing three characters for the tenth spot is cheating. Then you added an eleventh character anyway.

    If you get a chance ask Ten if Barry’s mother’s death is a fixed point in time. Because I think the new season of Flash is headed for a large wibbly wobbly timey whimey mess.

    • Yes, yes I suppose that was cheating (and I actually meant Eleven not Ten 😮 ), but he and Rory and Amy go together so perfectly.

      Good point. Flash could become quite wibbly wobbly, and I’m not sure how I feel about that.

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