Doctor Who: Which Actor Should Be the New Doctor?

A bit of a wibbly-wobbly issue looms over the Whoverse.

With Peter Capaldi leaving the role after the upcoming 10th season, time has come to find a new explorer of galaxies and keeper of the TARDIS.

One question remains, burning brighter than a thousand stars…


Many suggestions, theories, and opinions have surfaced in the wake of Capaldi’s announcement. Some fascinating, others far-fetched, still others outright shocking.

What matters is, Who’s the best hand for the glove (or head for the fez)? Who can add to the unique legacy of the Doctor in unforgettable ways?

Some suggestions.


Say what?! Didn’t he like…die and go out in a blaze of glory befitting a Time Lord?


That was my thought, but apparently the Internet (because you know, nobody ever says anything wrong) has other ideas. Whovian canon doesn’t forbid the Doctor reincarnating as a former self.

Matt Smith is my favorite Doctor, and it would be grander than an orchestra piano to see more episodes showcasing his quirky, adventurous spirit. But alas, I think his time is past. He’s an elf gone into the West (mixing metaphors over here like a champion chef).


Same reasoning as above. A huge bonus is that Tennant may well be the most beloved Doctor in the history of space and time.


Things are a bit timey-wimey in the series right now. Lots of upheaval and change, so Tennant’s familiarity would bring stability.

However, he already enjoyed a long TARDIS-piloting tenure, so selecting him as the new Doctor seems unreasonable.


From Asgardian demigod to Gallifreyan Time Lord? May as well leap across the barrier dividing our world from Narnia. Loki and the Doctor are as different as peanut butter and daisies.

Hiddleston’s an amazing actor, but he’s LOKI. He wouldn’t wear the Doctor coat very well.

Plus a sonic screwdriver is quite the downsize from a Chitauri Scepter.


A female Doctor? *gasp*

The push to make the Doctor female is strong. It wouldn’t surprise me if it happens, and if it does, I can’t think of a better actress to pull off the next iteration of the Doctor.

Atwell’s personality infuses life into whatever character she plays. Her acting is superb and her approach to the character would bring a unique perspective to the Doctor legend.


You could argue his role in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was his audition for the role. Traveling wizard (equivalent to alien Time Lord) who befriends a human and whose treasured item of choice is much bigger on the inside.

Redmayne’s character leans toward the quirky side, which was certainly a hit with Matt Smith. Honestly though, I have a hard time seeing him pull the character off in a compelling way.


Plot twist, anyone? If the show wants to bring in the first African-American version of the Doctor, Elba provides an imposing personality that would be a fascinating contrast to the last several Doctors.

Elba’s presence would add a TARDIS-sized dose of flavor to the role. I could easily see his character favoring a more intense, don’t-mess-with-me attitude. The warrior side of the Doctor.


All the PLEASE AND YES in the history of Whovian lore. Talk about a different direction to take the Doctor. Talk about a fantabulous actor. Talk about the potential, the vigor, the EVERYTHING.

He would add a distinctly unique dimension to the Doctor’s character. His cool demeanor and lofty charm would be a marked contrast to the carefree style of Smith and quirks of Tennant.

I can see it now: the Doctor and his companion (who may or may not bear a resemblance to a certain other doctor) gallivanting through space and time solving the great mysteries of the universe.

And putting it on a blog.

And perhaps the Doctor smokes a pipe along the way. A sonic pipe. YES.

This would also mean Cumberbatch finally gets to be the doctor. Take that, John Watson.

Who do you think the next Doctor should be? I’d love to hear your thoughts here or on social media.


Doctor Who: Which Actor Should Be the New Doctor? — 4 Comments

  1. But Cumberbatch was already a doctor–Doctor Strange! 😉 It might be strange if he was who was chosen as Who. XD (Strange? Who? Me?)

    The problem with a lot of these is that they’re already famous as other characters and… I just don’t see them becoming the Doctor, but who knows. 😉 I suspect they might make the Doctor female this time, but personally I feel like that would be weird, and I’m personally rooting for a Ginger Doctor, since he wanted to be. XD

    (To be fair, I’ve still only seen Nine and Ten, so I’m two whole Doctors behind… *cough*)

    • Haha, clever.

      That’s a good point about their fame as other characters. That does have the potential to present a clash identities.

      (Well…neither of them are ginger, and Eleven is the best Doctor.) 😛

    • I’m not completely convinced turning the Doctor into a woman is a good move, but if it happens, she’d be the perfect choice.

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