Tips for Overcoming Post-Book Letdown

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The journey is over. The ecstasy slowly wears off as you descend from a pinnacle of pleasure.

The feels wash over you like breakers rolling onto the beach.

All thanks to a simple stack of paper bound between two covers.

We’ve all been there—that bittersweet moment of reaching the final page in a book we adored, only to see the text screech to a halt, followed by yawning blank space.

Few things in the world have the power to dig into our souls and affect us the way books do. That’s part of the reason why I’m a writer, and it’s one of my favorite things about reading.

Books range anywhere from never-should-have-been-published to life-changing. I’ve read a few that fall into the latter category, and finishing them is painful. I’m sure my fellow bookworms understand.

Alas, our time is spent, and though we can return time and again to once again experience the thrill and emotion, it’s never quite the same.

Whoa to us. The world seems dull and uninteresting by comparison, everything cast in shades of blue as you mourn over the parting.

Okay, maybe not that bad, but you get my point.

I call it post-book letdown. A dreary ache you can’t shake off as you moon over bygone adventures and unforgettable characters.

It’s a distressing experience, but be of good cheer. For every ailment, there’s a cure.

Here are a few tips for overcoming post-book letdown.

Tip 1: Talk with a friend or sibling who’s read the book so you can commiserate together

Talking works wonders for removing painful burdens, especially if you can have someone close to you who understands what you’re going through. You can console each other with discussions of said book.

Tip 2: Drown your sorrows in a cup of coffee (and maybe chocolate)

Coffee is the great cure for all ills, so why not for this, too? If you’re in a particularly somber mood, throw in some chocolate for extra consolation. The combination should work wonders for your mental state of mind.

Plus, any excuse to indulge in the two Cs that give life can’t be a bad thing, right?

Tip 3: Start a new book

This might sound like a bad idea, but it may help distract your mind and ease the blow. Getting into another book is always fun, and if the book you just finished is part of a series, that’s even better. Onward and upward to new adventures.

Tip 4: Listen to music that sends you to your happy place

For me, music is a better cure than coffee or even chocolate—the one antidote guaranteed to overcome the doldrums of post-book letdown. Listen to songs that boost you out of your depression and infuse some pep into your life.

Tip 5: Do something fun

Binge watch Doctor Who, or have an LOTR marathon, or head to the theater to watch the latest Marvel movie. Something—anything—to cheer you up and act as a dam against the waves of depression.

Tip 6: Visit the library or bookstore

What better way to overcome post-book letdown than to surround yourself with books? Let yourself get lost in the world of books and you’ll end up better for it.

Tip 7: Watch cat videos on Facebook

Why not? Aren’t cat videos clinically proven to reduce stress and increase overall happiness?

Tip 8: Did I mention coffee and chocolate?

Have you ever suffered from post-book letdown? How did you deal with it? I would love to hear your thoughts.


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  1. Did I ever happen to tell you about my Post-Wingfeather Saga-Disease? 😉 I was an emotional basket-case for the entire week after, and it happened at the beginning of vacation last year. Now, I look back at that trip as one of the fondest in my life.

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