Vote for Spec-Fic Characters

The presidential election approaches swifter than a Nazgul. And like a Nazgul, it has brought much dread to citizens far and wide. Warning: this is a political post. Further reading may cause extreme bouts of depression, anger, and/or cynicism. Then … Continue reading

If the Spec-fic Genres Talked Politics

November is fast approaching, and across the galaxy, it seems impossible to escape from the inundation of politics. Hither and yon the conversations spread—like a pack of orcs at times. Which candidate is more qualified? What scandal will pop up … Continue reading

Book Summaries In Ten Sentences

If you’re a bookworm, you have a Deathstar-sized problem on your hand. A problem that claws at your book-loving soul. So many books. So little time to read them. Seriously, the TBR (for the uninitiated, that means to-be-read) pile multiplies … Continue reading