Pop Culture Q&A with Captain America

Pop Culture Q&AYou know you’re important when you’re named after a country.

I mean, who else can say that? “Hi, I’m Mr. England, the dapper and fabulous fellow from across the pond.” (Uh, well, maybe not *quite* like that.)

In any case, such a distinction isn’t bestowed every day by the Committee of Random Name Generators. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone, but that’s how authors actually name things. (Shocking, I know.)

Our guest today…let’s just say he’s the man. The top rung on a ladder. The vein of gold in a gray face of rock. “The man with a plan.”

Captain America.


Pop Culture Q&A with Captain America

Me: Mr. Rogers, it’s an honor to have you here.

Cap: I’m happy to oblige, and please, call me Steve. I have to say, after hearing Tony’s experience, I hoped you’d invite me.

Me: Okay, Steve. I appreciate that. I wasn’t sure if Tony enjoyed it, per se, but I’m glad to hear he recommended me.

Cap (laughing): I don’t know if I’d call it an endorsement. He complained about your strict rules and the lack of customer service.

Me: Par for the course?

Cap: If you want to put it that way, yes.

Me: I do remember his demands for a Nonfat Iced Vanilla Latte. Speaking of which, where are my manners? Can I interest you in a drink? *waves at the shops lining the outdoor mall*

Cap: Thanks, but I’m fine with ice water. We go way back. *winks*

Me: Oh yes, I’ve heard all about it. Using that as a jump-in point for the interview, what’s the most moving death scene you’ve read in a book?

Cap: Gandalf’s fall in Moria. It gets me every time.

Me: I remember reading that for the first time. Shock, dismay, numbness. And then seeing it in the movie was even more powerful. Gandalf is often considered the perfect model of the hero’s guide. Who’s your favorite mentor-type character?

Cap (rubbing his hands): Ooohh, that’s tough. I obviously am a fan a Gandalf. At the end of the day, though, it’s hard to beat Obi Wan Kenobi. The guy’s a legend.

Me: Can’t argue with that. Jumping to the opposite end of the spectrum, you’re from Brooklyn. You’ve seen your share of villains. What villains stands out most to you from a movie you’ve watched?

Cap: The Joker. Yes, I watched the Dark Knight Trilogy as part of my reeducation. Getting back to the Joker, he’s a mysterious character. He’s unstable, yet endlessly clever. Heath Ledger outdid himself in that performance.

Me: Agreed and agreed. Besides Heath Ledger, who are some other favorite actors?

Cap: He’s not exactly my type of guy, but Robert Downey Jr. has some good stuff. I’m a huge fan of Scarlett Johansson. I also enjoy some of the older stars. John Wayne, Kathrine Hepburn, Cary Grant.

Me: Neat. We seem to have similar tastes. Though I’d add Chris Pratt to that list. *grin*

Cap: He’s a solid guy from what I’ve seen. Jurassic World was an intense movie.

Me: You’ve got that right. That’s actually a fun question. You’re stranded on the island with those dinos. Which three characters do you pick as your companions?

Cap: Sherlock. The man’s a walking computer. If anyone could get us off, it would be him. For the other two…I’d definitely go with Katniss from the Hunger Games. Her exploding arrows would be handy. And Batman. He’s the perfect dinosaur warrior, and if worst came to worst, hopefully he’d have a couple spare suits for us.

Me: Love it. I’d watch that movie in a heartbeat.

Cap (with a laugh): As long as *our* hearts were still beating afterward.

Me: Good point, but given your team, I’d like your chances. Anyway, I know you’ve been catching up on 21st Century trends, so I’m curious. Who’s your favorite YouTube star or group?

Cap: I haven’t watched a ton of YouTube, but I found this hilarious group called Studio C that does comedy sketches. I could watch their videos all night. As for artists, I really enjoy Lindsay Sterling.


Me: You just scored big points, my friend. This next question should be interesting. You can ask one famous woman—singer, actress, anything—on a date. Who do you choose and why?

Cap: To be honest, I don’t think I’d choose anyone. I met the girl I wanted in Peggy Carter. Though I have to say, this British actress, Hayley Atwell, looks really similar. It’s kind of creepy, actually.

Me: You’ve no idea, Steve. But good for you. I’m sure Peggy would appreciate that. Now, it’s no secret you like running, so I’m wondering what’s on your playlist?

Cap: Smooth jazz, Bing Crosby. I really like country music, so Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood—all the big names. And for some variety, Hans Zimmer. His music is masterful.

Me: That’s quite the range of tastes. Makes sense, I guess, given your…er, lifespan. Anywho, moving on to the last couple questions, would you rather participate in the Hunger Games, live in Gotham, or go on Frodo’s quest to Mount Doom?

Cap: I don’t like the Hunger Games—too much killing. The corruption in Gotham is unbelievable. I want to save people, so I’d chose the quest, especially if I had someone as faithful as Sam by my side.

Me: I can totally see that, and yes, a Sam-character makes everything more bearable. That’s perfect for my next question. You’re on what seems to be an impossible journey. Which pop star would you want to accompany you?

Cap: Ouch, pulling out the big guns. Honestly, Chris Pratt would be perfect. He’s an upstanding person. He knows the ways of the country. He’s big and tough and wouldn’t get easily intimidated. And his sense of humor would help both of us keep going.


Me: I can see it now: The Adventures of Cap and Pratt. It would be a blockbuster hit, I’m sure. For the final question, let’s go the movie route. What’s the most mind-blowing film you’ve seen?

Cap: First off, I’d like to thank you for hosting me. This was a lot of fun. I don’t know what Tony was complaining about.

Me: You know those billionaires…have to find something wrong with the world. *winks*

Cap: Exactly. To answer your question, I haven’t gotten to Inception yet, but I’ve heard it’s crazy. I’ll pick The Prestige. Everyone needs to see that movie.

Me: Oohhh, great choice. Absolutely loved this, Steve. Tell Tony hi for me when you see him, and ask him how things with Peter Parker are going.

Cap (nodding as grin spreads over his face): I understood that reference.

i-understood-that-reference-memeNow it’s your turn to answer one of the questions. Who would you pick as your sidekick on a quest? I’d love to hear your thoughts here or on social media.


Pop Culture Q&A with Captain America — 8 Comments

  1. Robert Downey Jr. is not Cap’s type of guy, huh? XD

    I love all of Cap’s answers!! 😀 Though I may be a bit biased. I LOVE Captain America. 🙂

    And I love that he watches Studio C and Lindsey Stirling. I totally agree with him on that one.

    • Yeah, they kinda have a personality clash. 😉

      Cool, glad you enjoyed it, Madeline. 😀

      He certainly has good taste in YouTube videos.

  2. I loved it. Cap is the one Avenger I would love to meet in real life, and this interview nailed every reason why. Funny, wholesome, loyal, and brave.

    To answer the question I would have no sidekick. I am a lone wolf.

    • Thanks, Cathrine. Glad you enjoyed it. 😀

      This one was pretty easy for me. I could practically hear Cap’s voice when I typed out his answers, so being able to imagine that helped a ton.

  3. For a sidekick on a quest…. ooh that’s a hard one… maybe Professor McGonagall or X-23?
    Though I’m sure McGonagall could take on any quest on her own!

    Amazing writing as always!

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