Happy Blogiversary: What I’ve Learned from 2 Years of Sci-fi/Fantasy Blogging

Tomorrow marks my blogiversary. (Isn’t English great? “Anniversary’s cool and all, but it’s not *bloggy* enough, so let’s coin a new word since we have the power and because trendiness.”)

Two years.

Thank you my dear readers who volunteered to hop aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise (my blog has a name, WUT?!) with me and boldly go where no one has gone before. Exploring far-flung galaxies, seeing exotic wonders, and embarking on grand adventures.

It’s been quite the journey. Reminiscent of Frodo’s quest, really. Good times, hard times, times filled with friends, times alone.

I’ve learned some fascinating, unexpected things along the way. And now a fancy title, because I can.

The Inside Intricacies of Blogging about Science Fiction and Fantasy (Includes Highlights and Other Important Things)

Talk about sci-fi and fantasy. All. The. Time. Seems straightforward, yes? *wonders if talking about blogging about sci-fi and fantasy counts as a post about sci-fi and fantasy…*

Hobbits are the cool kids (halflings?) on the block.


Bookworms are a thing and have tendencies. My shock spans the continents of Middle-earth. Not really, but it sounded epic.

Languages matter. Especially when it comes to the unique terminology of sci-fi and fantasy.

Spammers are so kind. They have a habit. A nice habit. They have taken it upon themselves to comment on a random page or post instead of calling me. Haven’t counted (because math) but I’ve probably had hundreds of comments that begin something like this:

“I decided to leave a message here on your The Dark Side of Fiction | Zachary Totah page instead of calling you.”

Wow, so generous. Also, how’d you get my phone number, random person? Did you know my phone has a superpower? It zaps the brain of anyone who makes a spam call. Consider yourself lucky.

Spammers are also ridiculously annoying encouraging. Case in point: “You ought to be a part of a contest for one of the best websites on the web. I’m going to recommend this website!”

*bows* Why thank you kind…sir? Um, ma’am? Um…person? Um…artificial intelligence? My gratitude is as limitless as your praise.

Here are some of the best spam comments I’ve received.

Since we’re on the subject…SO MUCH SPAM! Again, not counting so no exact numbers, but I’d guess for every one legit comment I get, there are probably four or five spam comments.

Signing up to be an earth-dominating ruler might not be such a bad gig. Kinda like Sauron, but the geeky, friendly, let’s-do-nice-things-instead-of-evil-things version.

Lord of the Rings CoverWhen in doubt, use the words Lord of the Rings. It’s a secret code that works magical wonders on the chemical processes in the brain, stimulating an intense desire to read anything associated with that particular string of words.

The dwarves and Nazgul have Christmas songs. *lets that sink in*

Peering into the dark side of fiction might bring some surprises.

Brevity = good.

Books aren’t perfect. Before you cast me out of your presence as a hateful rogue who cares nothing of the value and beauty of books, consider this. The titles could be better.

Pictures are hard, K?

GIFs are lifesavers. (See above.)


Memes are amazing. (See above above.)


Dumbledore quote

Albus Dumbledore

Why not personify genres and let them talk about things? Over dinner, or regarding the 2016 presidential election, or about New Year’s resolutions. (Quite the talkative bunch, it turns out.)

My readers and I don’t always agree.


Sometimes, I craft an amazing post (amazing while it’s still safely nestled in my mind before being released into the world) I think will be a hit. Then…massive success FLOP.

Other times, I throw something together last-minute and people adore it. Go figure.

When somebody figures out this writing gig, TELL ME ALL THE SECRETS. (I’ll send chocolate and imaginary cookies.)

What are your favorite types of posts, and what would you enjoy seeing more of? I’d love to hear your thoughts here or on social media.


Happy Blogiversary: What I’ve Learned from 2 Years of Sci-fi/Fantasy Blogging — 8 Comments

  1. Haha, spam can be so annoying. XD
    And yes! GIFs are so fun! It’s always a challenge trying to find the right one at the right time. 🙂
    I’m still trying to figure out this writing gig myself, so…I guess I can’t really help you there. 😛

    • I almost like GIFs more than pictures, honestly. Easier to find variety and use specific characters if needed.

      Haha, yeah. Maybe the answer is 42… 😉

  2. Really fun hearing your experiences, Zac. And you’re funny and full of great memes, as usual. People’s lives are busy and it can be hard to draw readers into a blog and get them interacting, but sharing our love of something (like scifi and fantasy) is a way to both express what’s inside us and connect with others who share that passion. I don’t have time to read as much as I’d like, but I enjoy your unique perspective on these topics and am really glad you’ve kept going with it!

    • Thanks for the encouraging words, Teddi. I really appreciate it. Hearing that people enjoy what I’m doing is definitely motivation to keep plugging away. Glad my blog has been a source of entertainment. 😀

  3. Happy blogiversary to you!!! *confetti and donuts*

    “When in doubt, use the words Lord of the Rings. It’s a secret code that works magical wonders on the chemical processes in the brain, stimulating an intense desire to read anything associated with that particular string of words.” <–I love this SO SO MUCH and it's so true! XD

    I hate spammers… ugh. -_- I get that one about not calling aaall the time and it's annoying. XD

    So, the real question: does one get real chocolate and imaginary cookies… or is the chocolate imaginary too? Or do I have to find the answer to the question to find out? 😉

    I really enjoy your site (all the fantasy things!) and accidentally forget to come read it very often, which is a shame! (I will also admit that occaaaasionally I purposefully avoid clicking over here if I'm busy because I know that I will find SO MANY AWESOME HILARIOUS POSTS that I'll still be here ages later… which is great fun but bad for my productivity. XD This site is like the black-hole-of-time-draining (in a good way) cousin competitor of Pinterest, except more fun. XD

    Anyways, thanks for all the great posts, congrats on two epic years, and best wishes for many more! 🙂 Happy blogiversary!!! (Because yes, it's a fabulous word. ;))

    • Thank you!

      Haha, YES. It’s amazing how that works.

      If you find the answer to the question that will help you find the answer to the question, you’ll be on the right track. 😉

      Wow, that’s quite the compliment (competitor of Pinterest and more fun? 😮 ). I appreciate that a lot. I’m really glad to hear you enjoy it so much. 🙂

  4. Haha Happy Blogiversary Zachary! Congratulations!!! This was highly amusing and entertaining. Thanks for the smile 🙂 …. as always. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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